New Holland Workmaster 25s SubCompact Tractor Walk Around and Review reviews

March 9, 2023

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  1. No more New Holland dealers in the ISA?

  2. I’m starting to look at these sun compacts for land we are buying in Ky. My question is can you have the front loader, a rear backhoe and a mower deck on the New Holland??

  3. Which is better. This or the Standard L series. I know it boils down to application, but ….

  4. Reply
    Spudzghetti Gamer March 9, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    Where is the power beyond port on this tractor?

  5. No diff lock pedal ?

  6. Yanmar are manufactured in Georgia.

  7. Why not bring the manufacturer to the United States for Americans to build 🤔

  8. Is that one cheaper than a green one..?

  9. Thank you

  10. Nice video…. nice unit….

  11. I still think I'll stick with an orange BX tractor.

  12. …and a very stout ignition!🤣. Great vid, thanks!

  13. Great video. I still prefer the Kubota.

  14. I am older have a harder time putting my deck in and out .

  15. I like it because is blue!!!

  16. Yes, shifted from Shibaura to LS

  17. My tool box got knocked of in the first few days haha

  18. That isn’t a tool box, it’s a pencil box!

  19. That would be a hard decision between the 1025R and the new Holland! Great video! Your a natural!!

  20. Reply
    Keith VanRavenswaay March 9, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    Messick's, Question real quick once… Will the deck height adjustment also act as a limit for the 3pt position?

  21. How does this stack up against the Kubota BX23S?

  22. Is there a diff lock ?

  23. Excellent review on a different tractor besides just GREEN & RED. Guess I'm now gonna go check out a New Holland!!!

  24. Look at the ( Royal King ) Rk24. Very nice and user friendly. Good price as well.

  25. Bought a house on an acre lot. The entire lot needs to be completely renovated. Am I crazy for wanting something like this?

  26. So it was a yanmar and now it's a kioti

  27. This is for sure all complete review ,well done . Thanks

  28. Love the outtakes and bloopers! Really nice videos across the board. I've been researching for many weeks, with many more weeks to go before I even sit in a seat! Really great info to soak in before buying. I only wish you guys were on my side of the state! (NWPA).

  29. Can they be repainted pink red purple or blue

  30. Reply
    Patrice Le Brasseur March 9, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    I would love to sé a videos on larger versatile made Kubota tractor

  31. Another great Video

  32. Steering wheel position is fixed and very uncomfortable. Fix that, and make it $4K less than Kubota and I’m a buyer.

  33. I get the opinion on the drive over decks. In my case I got a drive over because I can't pull the deck from under the tractor for the winter season due to a medical condition. I bought a Kubota BX23 series with loader, mid-mower, and a few accessories. When I was looking at different brands I would have found the info about the drive over components being lighter duty useful. A comparison of drive over decks and their component quality would have been extremely useful to someone like me. I got my tractor for mowing and snow removal because I can't handle a snow blower, shoveling! Or the rougher ride of smaller riding mowers anymore. Your channel helped me in my decision and is still helpful with useful info on how things work and how to do certain tasks correctly to not damage my new tractor. Thanks.

  34. How much.

  35. Cruse control is nice for doing actual tractor work with a hydrostatic tractor (which I find terribly anoying to do) which is why the standard transmissions are nice, holds your speed when your plowing or pulling some other implement

  36. I know that new Holland but the ford tractor line and I never got the chance to drive one but they look like a lot of fun😀

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