NEW Ford F-150 Lightning Review: Electric, $40k, 572bhp… Is America Ready For EVs? reviews

September 20, 2022

The Ford F-150 Lightning is an all-electric version of America’s best-selling truck for the last 45 years… which is why it has a Mega Power Frunk instead of pistons under the bonnet. In a good year, Ford sells close to a million of its F-Series trucks and turns over around $40bn in the process. It is an absolute titan and crucial not just to Ford’s balance sheet, but the US economy as a whole. All of which means messing with the formula like this, its kind of a big deal…

With 572bhp and a 320-mile range in the extended battery version, it’s the most powerful and fastest F-150 ever made. Perfect for a US road trip, then, to ask the great American public what they think and test its lifestyle credentials with a spot of EV camping. Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix is your guide…

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  1. I watch this review, I'm totally on board, I want one NOW – then his last sentence: "It's a two-year wait." 😖

  2. lol holy cow, I live in cleburne, had no idea this went on

  3. There is noway in hell that truck would sell for 40,000 maybe used with a lot of miles on, That truck is selling at my local Ford dealer for 80,849 dollars so dealers are making 40,000 dollars per truck and other dealers say contact dealer for price so they will suck as much money as possible depending on the customer's credit and money situation

  4. "I pulled an Airstream trailer"
    Shows an ordinary cargo box trailer in tow…

  5. What an amazing vehicle. I'm looking forward to the unlikely possibility of truly small, single-cab, short bed electric pickups being available in the USA, though.

  6. I drive a V8 F-150 and think the Lightning is darn cool! Great video and review of this truck.

  7. Man I miss the other guys

  8. They can make engines WAYYY more efficient but won’t

  9. until they get the range up to 1000 miles people wont buy them

  10. I’ve been waiting for the lightening eagerly. Can’t wait to to get my hand on a lightening

  11. make it a single-cab and let's go

  12. Love it I want one 39k 200m+ is totally fine for me

  13. i wouldn't take it on a trip, that would be a pain in the ass.

  14. $40k? Why do I keep seeing these for sell at $100k+

  15. Very nice informative video. Thanks much. I guess I need to start looking for a different option, if I don't want to wait over two years for the Lightning. Or dish out over $120,000 for ones that are available now. SMDH$

  16. I am a Ford customer from India. Not really sure what the trends are among the US customers. But to me, Cybertruck looks ugly as hell. I don't know what Elon & team were thinking while designing that idiot box. Ford Lightning seems to have kept the traditional design language alive and looks as good as Raptor. Really liked it!

  17. Why do I feel like you can get 600 miles from that car. Integrate another battery in the truck as the truck is so big. Boom extra battery. But I am not en engineer, so what do I know.

  18. Typical Limeys come to America video. Go to the poorest, most backwards places (Alabama, rural Texass), and laugh, laugh, laugh…

  19. How misleading. Title says $40k truck, 572bhp, when in fact the 572bhp truck tested costs $90k, 225per cent the price mentioned. What's the range of the 40k truck? He really trivialized the 40 minute charging Time; imagine that every day in your busy life. Didn't know Top Gear were in the pay of Ford.

  20. Where is the symmetry?
    The car getting clean electricity
    The driver eats greasy food & snacks

  21. Extremely well produced – extremely well done! What an adventure (especially for a Brit) ^^

  22. Well, if "we the people" had had our way, Al Gore would have taken America electric way back in 2000 (you know, the year that the supreme stopped the re-count and handed the election to that POS war monger Bush Jr and his POS OIL LOVING WAR MONGER VP Dick (head) Cheney.) Such a freakin' shame. Gore wanted to make America the first country to get off it's addiction to oil and plastic and take us into the renewable energy age, well ahead of most countries; he also talked about the climate catastrophe back in 2000 but everyone made fun of him, calling climate change a democratic "hoax." The joke is on them because now we're up shit creek without a paddle. And NOW they are like, oh, gee, it' is getting hotter. Well shite, day late dollar short.

  23. Beware the range figures are not the whole truth. If fitted with normal Lithium batteries, you are not to charge more than 80% and discharge below 10%, so your range is limited by 30%. Thus range is 160 miles or 225. Not good enough Ford.

    If fitted with the newer Lithium Potassium Iron batteries the range is 230 and 320 as those batteries should be fully charged and discharged.

    If towing to near max capacity, cut range by half. Piss poor Ford. There's a reason why we use diesel and its to do with range, carrying gear and towing. The Lightning is shit at both compared to diesel.

  24. Awesome video, great job.

  25. the tech is not here yet, so no thanks…

  26. Why I can't find any of the 40k lightnings in the dealerships?

  27. Eh, not impressed. Looks too boxy, like something right out of the 70s.

  28. I have been looking for one and no one has one new on the lot. Dealers can charge just about anything they want. Find me a new one for $40k and I will buy it.

  29. maybe you gullible people should see the video"EV, THE BIG LIE" , like i just did before you spend hard earned money on a serious mistake. a little bit of time, a lot of education with real world facts. clever marketing should never replace common sense.

  30. the air force babe that likes speed has a good opinion. she does fit a good selling image for the Ford Lightning too if im being honest here

  31. No Too expensive travel range stinks…

  32. THis is perfect for Rancher… Lots of towing and recharge on their ranch!

  33. First American we talk too confirms the whole ‘dumb hick’ thing

  34. Reply
    Tales From Last Night September 20, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    Great video, please don't chuck the American flag like that, even if it's still in the Walmart packaging. Many heroes and citizens have died for the freedom that flag represents. Cheers

  35. I very love this suv !this is nice car !

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