New federal task force to review Canada’s immigration, passport delays reviews

September 28, 2022

Backlogs at airports, as well as passport and immigration processing delays, have made travel much more frustrating for Canadians.

The prime minister has now set up a special task force to help tackle the problem with a new sense of urgency. Abigail Bimman looks at the state of passport delays in this country, and why the Union of National Employees says it was all avoidable.

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  1. I work for the passport office and I thought it was kind of hilarious because I was working from home while waiting in line to apply for my passport. Maybe that could be a reason for them not getting processed on time?

  2. What the hell do you need a federal task force for. Bring back the people you fired or suspended Trudeau also government employees has almost doubled maybe they should get to work so ridiculous

  3. Reply
    EMERYHACK1 on Instagram September 28, 2022 at 7:49 am

    ⬆️⬆️ I was able to renew my passport ASAP through the above mentioned IG account, his act of kindness and services shows how big of heart he has for other. He is certainly the best.

  4. Reply
    EMERYHACK1 on Instagram September 28, 2022 at 7:49 am

    ⬆️⬆️ I was able to renew my passport ASAP through the above mentioned IG account, his act of kindness and services shows how big of heart he has for other. He is certainly the best.

  5. Dictator Trudeau has bought the loyalty of global News. They can now control the narrative.

  6. Trudeau doesn’t want people to see travel for fear that the citizens of this country will see what real freedom and democracy look like.

  7. Total incompetence and essentially negligence. This is so typical of Canadian government bureaucracy. Sweeps all own problems under the rug, and constantly deflects attention to created foreign adversaries in the pretence of democracy. There is no accountability in the system.

  8. They want to send me to.mental hospital because i defend myself im alwyer doctor security professional trained by emirates airline

  9. Held Hostage in Canada

  10. Canadian Logic bring in the Military..Not Employees.

  11. The federal task force is going to be a colossal expensive waste of time that will produce no tangible solutions. To have an effective task force, the participants should be from the industries affected by the delays and backlogs as they are the only ones who are qualified to know what needs to change.

  12. Justin appointed a talk show host now to manage the passport failure by his government now LMAO. That should get the ball rolling! HA HA

  13. Applied almost three months ago in Surrey BC by Hgw 10. Missed lots of work days waiting in line in Surrey office twice and couldn’t get in, today they were handing numbers who has a priority but only six were given for tomorrow and still couldn’t get a number for tomorrow.
    Already missed a flight on June 24.
    This is ridiculous, phones don’t work, emails no answers and people there pretty rude. 🇨🇦 day closed instead of working 24 hr even weekends to process the applications.
    I will never ever vote Trudeau again!

  14. A refugee gets all benefits yet our veterans and seniors who have multiple generations here get f all. What a slap in the face.

  15. Just another example of how inept all levels of governments are. Ontario has a MTO screwup. Trudeau wants farmers to reduce nitrogen use but that directly affects food production.

  16. been waiting 3months and 2wks now since they received my application, I'm changing address in a month, how will I let them know about it

  17. That's the LIBERAL way, let's hire a committee, maybe have them study how other countries do it hmm? Spain? France? Tahiti? Better make the budget 20-30 million to investigate this and produce a report by 2025.

  18. How about getting the cabinet to work in the passport office until it's solved?

  19. This happens when a PT drama teacher becomes the leader of a country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Typical LIEberal response. Study why it's broken instead of how to fix it.

  21. That's where this "work from home" lead us: Lazyness!
    They're at home working as they want, at the pace they want. It is what it is… I'm talking about those federal civil servants workers

  22. Looks like eastern block back in the days.

  23. Another waste of government spending, you laid off thousands of unvaxxed workers, too late for responses, they saw it coming and did nothing TRUDEAU MUST GO

  24. Canada is communism country now !!!!

  25. goverment always has millions of dollars to do reviews and never fixes anything,stop waisting money on reviews and hearings and use those funds towards actually fixing the ploblem,clowns

  26. If you are willing to waste 3 days of your life at some office and doesn't guarantee a spot, you should've drove 5-hrs to a small town that does have an office instead… Not too bright.

  27. If only YOUTUBE stopped annoying viewers with those ever more annoying Audible commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. shame!

  29. Start racing in immigrants.. will help the housing crisis

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  31. Trudeau is able to leave the country instantly even tho he caught covid.

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