NEW DS 4 E-Tense Review: It does 230MPG!? 2022

March 3, 2023

The new DS 4 is not only stylish, but in plug-in hybrid guise, it has astonishing fuel economy, delivering up to 232mpg! Rory checks out the interior, electric abilities and more.

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  1. can't the screen be split?

  2. Currently got an older DS4 but it still has a a lot of toys and features despite the age

  3. I love the looks of this car and what's it's all about: comfort, style, efficiency. I don't mind the relative lack of performance, no longer a priority for me these days. Kind of done with sportish hard sprung cars.

    Nice watch, mate. You're a man of style. I've got a YM myself.

  4. Of course it won’t.

  5. Great review💯😁👌🏿

  6. Love it but they need a chrome delete option!

  7. Yeah looks nice, but so did Jordan once….

  8. How do you check the mpg I’ve got one can’t check

  9. I ride this beauty about 10 months now. Since several major software updates, voice commands and the DS Smart Touch are working way better (especially the writing feature)! Also the infotainment system works more responsive, faster and less laggy. Chapeau DS Automobiles! Very happy with this car! I have the DS4 Performance Line+ PureTech 130 Automatic in Platinum Grey. Comfort & design are the trumph cards of DS! In the future I'll keep driving DS. My dad always drove Citroën cars and still doing that today. I prefer comfort over sport. I don't have the DS Active Scan Suspension, but it still offers an amazing comfortable ride. The seats are also amazingly comfortable as well.

  10. You review the DS is supercool and criticize the Tonale…bah…

  11. it is cool !

  12. DO NOT BUY A DS4.
    DS are just Citreon do not be fooled. DS customer service is a joke. Bought a DS4 in June 2022 at 1700 miles it had broken down twice, and 4 more electrical faults appeared. I handed the car back. DS customer care promised the earth but did nothing in the end to replace the vehicle.

  13. ergonomy has died in cars. annoying really.

  14. Reply
    oamatorzenamotorze March 3, 2023 at 7:21 am

    Let me explain these nuances regarding heating, navigation and fans control. When they designed these beautiful buttons to move the air vents up and down, they were so proud of themselves that they opened the beaujolais nuovo bottle. Then a junior designer came and said: "Gentlemen, what about controlling the side vents?" So they made a knob, they were glad that they caught a design error and were happy to open the second bottle. Then an even younger designer came and said "gentlemen, now nobody asks anyone for directions, we have to add navigation!" But, since they have already made a system for heating, the navigation turns off when the temperature changes. As they discovered it, only u said now! la la! what are we going to do now>? "Don't worry Francois, we will design the buttons for opening the windows beautifully and divert their attention from errors in the system" "such a great idea, let's open another bottle" And that's how cars are designed in France …

  15. It was all looking good until we got to the infotainment system and controls. The manufacturers are repeatedly putting strange controls that are bad to use. Why is the AC hidden in the screen awkwardly when there’s buttons already? Why are there 2 different controls for each air vent!?!

  16. Always liked french car design but some of the design and control elements are so convoluted. Like they got halfway to refining it and then went ‘that’ll do’

  17. Engine start buttons, one of the dumbest mentional items on a car. OHHHHHHHH I can push a button instead of putting keys into the slot and turning it. Plug in Hybrid. Nice whats the CD? 230mpg in real world driving? Id buy it but its only a europe car? Bummer.

  18. Good review! Unfortunately, I also have bad experiences with Citroens infotainment system. Such a shame auto makers aren’t able to sort out a good user interface that strikes the right balance between screen and knobs

  19. Mpg on plug in hybrids is dodgy double accounting BS. The only way this works is to count the miles done on electricity as petrol miles.
    Even electric cars don't quote 232 mpg equivalent figures. My kona is considered one6of the most efficient and quotes 170mpge.
    Stop repeating PHEV marketing lies.

  20. First of all, I just want to say the presenter is spot on and have come across him on a number of reviews before and he gives a straightforward view of what he is testing, unlike the majority of other people doing this who are just lemmings, saying the same stuff with the same terminology as each other,
    So after the review, I have decided to book a test drive based on Rory's clear and concise accout.

  21. DS has a history for innovation qnd courageous development of suspension, mechanics, design, and economics of modern vehicles.

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