NEW Cupra Leon 300 TSI Review: Has The GOLF GTI Met Its Match? | 4K 2022

January 2, 2023

Looking for a Golf GTI? Maybe you should be looking for a Cupra Leon! Rory hops on board the 300 TSI model to assess its performance, practicality and its similarities with its VW brother.

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  1. So much more nicer and exciting then the boring golf.The previous Leon was stunning.

  2. Good car

  3. Is a Seat Leon from Spain 🇪🇸 but with a VW Heart (engine) lol

  4. MK8 Golf is so ill-proportioned compared to this.

  5. Like it. No to bubbly in the arse.

  6. Seems all together a well constru very useable motor whats the automatic like? As im a handicapped driver now!then talk insurance along with over-all driveabilty because my nomited drivers a drug drive against his name

  7. It's not a Golf "by any stretch of the imagination" 😆


  9. By any stretch of the imagination.

  10. Can't believe that in this entire 14 minute video, we never get a full view of the driver's perspective of the interior (the total view of what the car looks to the seated driver). This is a car review. I don't need to see the host's face the entire time he's driving. Overlay his voice with views of the car, inside and out. When I want to see someone driving and talking non-stop, I'll sit passenger in my wife's car.

  11. I’m def 🥺 we don’t have Cupra in the U.S.

  12. you can configure so icons always have text.. this being said, the system is awful.. it's laggy and the biggest problem is that, as you said, it is not backlit. aircon and volume should ALWAYS be physical buttons… what were they thinking? who the hell approved this.. all new cars from seat and cupra and vw have this..

  13. I Love it ❤️ the best of hatchback's Beauty!!

  14. Little concerning, I'm about to pick up the Formentor on Monday, just seen Rory putting it through its pace's on the channel

  15. VWAG vs VWAG – IMO the new Leon looks nicer than the new Golf, with the exception of the R

  16. One of the best reviews on that car so far. Founded, honest and soberly. Bravo!

  17. certainly not a Golf R slayer. 🤣

  18. The Golf GTI met its match years ago when the latest generation Civic Type R appeared.

  19. Its a golf gti for people that don't want the golf gti but want the new ones worst problem, which is the interior and its lack of buttons.

  20. I hate the new trends of replacing buttons for touch panels and the infotainment having sensors. Why can’t car manufacturers stop being out of touch with gimmicks.

  21. Superb review by a superb reviewer. Haven’t looked at auto reviews in a while and this chap is really great.

  22. Amazing review of an amazing car. I increasingly feel that car journalists are out of touch with "ordinary" cars, having had their opinions skewed by driving supercars and hypercars every other day, but Rory nailed this! I have test driven this car and this review echoed my experience in almost every aspect. I have now placed an order for one it is so good.

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