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December 31, 2022

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This is the Cupra Born: The SEAT performance off-shoot’s first all-electric model, which shares the same platform as the Volkswagen ID.3 among so many others. But can this sharp looking electric hatchback stand apart from the ID.3 it’s based on – and not just because of its copper trim? We sent our editor Richard Ingram to find out…

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – Batteries and range
01:40 – Styling
02:03 – Interior and infotainment
02:50 – Equipment
03:17 – Driving, handling and performance
04:55 – Charging
06:00 – Rear seats, practicality and boot
06:24 – Conclusion

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  1. Everyone knows uk roads are an utter disgrace.looks like a great lovely car .

  2. This is a nice looking car, maybe the rims can be discussed, i like it very much👍🔥😁 Good vidja!!!

  3. Love the look of this car but it's a bit late to the party.It won't be launched in the UK until March 2022 and then you'll be looking at 12 month delivery dates . I'll enjoy our specced up id3 for a year or 2 and then consider this car then.

  4. I must of travelled back in time to when 0-60 in 7 seconds was considered good performance

  5. Well that’s it £32K BASIC! 90% of people won’t be able to afford it shame as I wanted one of these

  6. To use an old fashioned word, that's spunky!

    EV's are never "soulless" not do they lack character. They simply don't drone on about themselves from kilometres away.

  7. Can I charge EV from full charged solar invetor ?

  8. Nice car. I prefer id3 looks as it looks more like an ev but still unmistakably a VW.
    Cupras big lower grille I don’t like. I think material quality granted is a little better. I do think VW have left room to make confirmed id3 GTX plusher. GTX id4 has leatherette on dash top. VW do that anyway as they have a GTI then clubsport.

  9. No physical buttons…heck

  10. I'm noticing a distinct 'pattern' here with these VW Group MEB model launches…
    For both the iD.3 and iD.4 and their siblings it seems to be that VW launches their model first – lower quality, so they get the flack and put it down to recouping losses from 'dieselgate'.
    Then, in the case of the iD.3, Cupra now launches their take – better looking… better interior quality… higher price… people are now willing to pay that bit extra…
    Same with the iD.4 – VW launches their model first – lower quality etc etc etc
    In the case of that model-line, it's the Audi Q4 that then tempts customers in to parting with the extra dosh to gain a better-looking car, with a better-quality interior…
    All of a sudden… BOOM… VW Group profits are on the up… 😉

  11. Do you know if the E boost performance pack will be a on Payed air upgrade later aswell? like in tesla. since is the same mortor and stuff anyway… want to order my now, but cant get it with the e boost pack before next year.

  12. Reply
    FABULOUS OFF ROAD DESIGNS December 31, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    I like this car a lot. The one pedal drive thing is not an issue for me as long as there is regeneration braking on the brake pedal. I don't want to have to retrain my brain every time I swap vehicles.

  13. I glanced over the thumbnail and I read "cupra born" as "carbon" 🤣

  14. Would love one of these, such a good looking car.

  15. ID.3 looks better to my eyes, but still handsome.

  16. Much better looking than the id3.

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