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April 29, 2023

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This is the new BMW 1 Series!

Now we know that most of you BMW fan boys will already be reaching for that down vote button given it’s front-wheel drive, but wait! Have you taken the time to really study BMW’s latest small hatchback to see exactly where it’s evolved compared to the old model?

We know a lot of you will miss the RWD, but given there’s so much competition in this market from the likes of the new A-Class, A3 and Golf, is the introduction of front-wheel drive really enough to turn you away from BMW? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:39 Price
01:06 Exterior Design
02:45 Engines
03:22 0 – 60mph
03:50 Interior Design
04:37 Back Seats
05:45 Boot
06:40 Five Annoying Features
07:33 Five Good Features
09:07 Town Driving
10:12 Motorway Driving
11:06 Twisty Road Driving
12:03 Drifting
12:47 Drivetrain
14:20 Infotainment
15:08 Practicality
16:33 Trims
17:45 Verdict

BMW 1 Series 118i M Sport Specifications:

RRP: £26,685
Fuel economy: 46 mpg combined (40 city, 66 highway)
Horsepower: 136hp
Towing capacity: 1,300 kg
Engine: 1.5 L 3-cylinder
Kerb weight: 1,365 kg


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  1. Answer this question: The best new hatchback available to buy today is… ?

  2. Looks like BMW were envious of the Focus. The original design was a true pig.

  3. I don't like front wheel drive cars

  4. Ugly looking car, all the creases make it looks like it gas been in a car crash.

  5. The problem is that you are much much nicer than the cars you show .. 😄🥰

  6. This looks funny
    I prefer the old one

  7. The new BMW 1 Series – Front Wheel Drive? Transverse Engine? Really BMW? Sorry, but that's not a BMW in my book!!! Even the BMW i3 all electric and plastic pram has rear wheel drive, and is surprisingly fun to drive. This new 1 Series? Not for me!

  8. Does this have android auto?

  9. Front wheel drive makes sense..more cabin room, better performance and more traction in ice/ snow. Smart move BMW.

  10. Nice car but the Golf is much more spacious inside.

  11. Its getting ridiculous to see all the "i have the old BMW bla bla bla.. Gime RWD bla bla bla, they ruined the DNa, bla bla, omg they ruined the car bla bla " fans-united at every review of this car.. Its getting old

    90% of them have driven neither model,

    99% of them have no clue how RWD is driven, or the physics behind, completely oblivious thst at these power outputs it makes no difference, no power drift, only lift-off oversteer, as with any FWD

    100% of them are oblivious that at 140 bhp with all that power loss that the RWD powertrain has, makes the FWD version faster.

    Tech wise and design wise this car is one generation ahead frm F20, drive it first and then form an opinion would be the wiser thing to do.

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  13. Vegan burgers suck

  14. had it for a rental for 24 hrs, put about 120 km on it in middle & rural tokyo. Ride was choppy and the auto dual clutch at low speeds is an absolute disgrace (hurking/jerking/lurching, doesn't interact w/ the brakes well at all) especially combined w/ the auto start/stop. I have no idea why all these auto "journalists" give a free pass for shitty euro cars when they shit on say, asian brand cars with the most minute imperfections.

  15. 7:12 at least the camera won’t break like the ones on Mercedes vehicles

  16. Barely a hatchback at 15 foot long

  17. If Volvo could design and engineer a straight-6 (B6304T / B6324S) to fit transversely – and British Leyland (E Series) – then why can't BMW?

  18. Worst and most ugly copy of series 1. This one looks like a pig.

  19. looks similar to a new ford focus, old shape looks better imo

  20. The BMW 1 Series 2021 looked quite underrated.

  21. this review sounds like car was made by EA, everything is paid option

  22. Poor man's BMW!

  23. Lousy ad for a stupid car.

  24. A front wheel drive BMW with a short hood.. I'd rather have a 10th/11th gen honda civic.

  25. 8:45 you been hitting the gym?

  26. Reply
    Scott Cameron-Baker April 29, 2023 at 4:06 pm

    I don't like it cause it's basically a small 2 series active tourer now

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