New Bentley Bentayga in-depth review: true modern luxury? 2022

December 31, 2022

2022 Bentley Bentayga review:
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The Bentley Bentayga broke new ground for the luxury brand when the original model made its debut in 2015. Built to appeal to modern wealthy tastes for big off-roaders, it was the British firm’s first SUV and quite unlike anything it had made before. Sure enough, the Bentayga has proved to be the best-selling Bentley model by quite some margin. It’s easy to see why, with its opulent interior being paired with a big boot and a commanding driving position. Not unsurprisingly given its cost and the brand’s heritage, the Bentayga is also decent to drive with excellent comfort and refinement, while the new hybrid model brings lower running costs thanks to a 25-mile electric range. If you’d rather, there’s also the flagship Speed version, which is one of the world’s fastest SUVs. However, you could have a new Range Rover and a Porsche 718 Cayman for the same price as the Bentayga, so is it worth it? Nicola puts it to the test.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:41 – Interior and technology
03:41 – Rear seats
05:08 – Boot space
05:52 – Performance
06:45 – Driving
09:53 – Dealmakers and dealbreakers
10:43 – Verdict

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  1. This is just like the dude from car wow, the similarities in the way these two talk etc is bonkers. They're not related per chance? And what a car! Oooppphh

  2. Just saw one of these picking up heads of states from the Queen's Funeral, had to YouTube it to see what it was, never seen one before, my goodness it's gorgeous, no wonder the rich and famous buy them.

  3. Why do car reviewers try to be funny? She's really annoying

  4. Wot a beautiful car

  5. You need the interior to take you away from everything outside, because once you get outside and you take a turn to look at your car the shock you will get as it is so ugly

  6. 02:47 And that — ladies and gents — is called foreplay with a car!!! 😀

  7. It costs around 4.5 crores of rupees in India.

  8. Got to love the Audi A1 steering wheel

  9. annoying presenter!

  10. this video goes to show why no women in a car sales room.

  11. Only apple comes with a wireless option? android needs to be wired at this price?? A basic Kia has a wireless android.

  12. Loved you. Loved the review. Always loved the car.

  13. Nicola this car fits you so well! You should have one!

  14. Its not a Range Rover 🤷‍♂️

  15. Very entertaining Nicola 💓

  16. The tail lights though. Remind me of something that's…not unpleasant .

  17. Those brake lights look scary

  18. what an ugly looking car! 😂

  19. Really not kean on this presenter……shouldn’t she be a stand up comic👎

  20. Why she say “in rap videos like that”…

  21. 'Inaudible' not 'unaudible',

  22. My greatest happiness is the $ 28,000 biweekly profit I get consistently

  23. Wannabe woman beautiful car

  24. Nothing to say about the luxury, but the exterior looks rrally lame for a ~200k car. Bentley styling has been pretty controversial but this has really no weight, no balance to it.. looks more like a Chinese patchup, luxury wannabe, even a Skoda Kodiaq looks sharper and more imposing than this mess 🙄

  25. That rear control screen surely is in a crap place? who wants to have to jack-knife their bodies to operate it, why was it not on the space-eating rear center console and why did the reviewer not point that out, can't recollect which luxury vehicle it was but another one had something similar but that one could pop out and could be hand held.

  26. Would rather pay my mortgage off than have that horrible thing on the drive showing how small my penis is…

  27. Fantastic, if it's a company car for CEO.
    Not a money from your pocket, imagine how many people's lives would change dramatically for 1/10 of that price tag.

  28. It still looks hideous. Stop being so brash and shouty.

  29. İam waiting for the Audi A8L facelift with
    Predictive active suspension pls carbuyer

  30. It’s really getting ridiculous, cars nowadays approaching 3 tons. Why don’t we all just drive lorries…

  31. I am new to this Carbuyer channel and become addicted to these deeply informative, succinct points which deliver on all key points needed to get to the nub of each car! They cover all any car buyer needs with both humour, warmth and panache! Great job Nicola! The Bentayga EV will be the most effortless and "waftable" version when they get there. Just hope it gets a bigger boot to put the luggage in. The only issue with the Bentayga is it just is not a car you can look at and love. Current best car in the world is the Taycan! Fast, comfortable, in ST version spacious and huge fun. Plus it costs very little to run and has the most solid values. Not that I am biased. Looking forward to the EV6 GT review. That should be quite a car for getting to the shops and back and the poor Bentayga wouldn't be anywhere near it in the real world in V6h, V8 or W12. Yet they could just be rivals 🙂

  32. I just wish they’d kept the V8 diesel as that was the best allrounder 🚙👍🏻

  33. the tail lights look like my cats eyes judging me

  34. Someone can spend £200,000 on a car when families are struggling to pay their energy bills and choose to feed their children or keep warm.nasty

  35. Looks ugly from the front.

  36. The Bentayga FINALLY looks appealing. Kudos to the design team for finally getting it here with those subtle tweaks, refreshes, facelifts, and updates.

  37. Very nice but if I win the lotto, I’m getting the Flying Spur

  38. Shes No Tish 😘 Those that know KNOW!

  39. The shape strongly reminds the Q7 and Toureg

  40. Nice car, but give me two Range Rover Sport for that price

  41. Most definitely the definition of excess. Right up until you have to plug in your Apple phone with a wire. How 2005 of Bentley. Hahaha 🤣

  42. Only Fiat Multipla is uglier then the Bentayga. New one is a bit better but still…

  43. Tesco’s no no no , Waitrose please Nicola !

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