NEW Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid Review: A Better BMW X1? reviews

March 6, 2023

Rory reviews the all-new Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid, a family crossover designed to go head to head with the BMW X1. Is it any good?

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  1. How can you not like the looks of the Tonale ? With all the competition looking like they were designed by and for accountants the Tonale has class and gorgeous style. The detailing and proportions all over the car are fantastic

  2. questionable looks? I saw one on the the road and Its stunning.

  3. Screen is disgusting. It's literally like a tablet placed on top. Completely incompatible design language. Also one of the ugliest Alfas

  4. Beautiful CUV. Had considered this for my wife after she’s done with current Porsche Macan GTS, but the powertrain on this is downright anemic….no can do. Would be terrific to see them produce this with a a Quadrifoglio-hybrid powertrain. Would be epic! 😂

  5. Wish they had a PHEV Civic or Corolla or reliable small car. But until that happens this is the best out there. And knowing Honda and Toyota, they'd only let us down with a low power version. So this is going to be my favorite car on the market for a while.

  6. Puffed up 'Alfa sud' disappointing.

  7. I actually like the styling.

  8. Looks are subjective and all but it’s much better looking than anything in the segment imho

  9. What about consumption ?

  10. I really like this car, I know diesel isn't popular anymore but I'd quite like one of these with the 2.2 from the stelvio

  11. How come that Alfa is compared to BMW??? Wtf…maybe to Mazda or VW or Volvo…but not to the german premium…they never ever had big cars alike S-class…even BMW 5er rival is not there…then the engines never big diesel or V8 petrols…nothing…built quality is low end…without Giulia Q there would even not be any real performance car☝️☝️
    Short of cool coupes…short of limos…short of everything good

    Alfa is there with Renault or Peugeot and Opel…amd ohhh yeah now it is really there togetjer with bumch of useless brands in a group called Stellantis 😂😂😂 junkyard production

  12. Closing comments…"questionable looks" ? Have you seen BMWs lately ?


  14. This car is amazing, i was between the Tonale, the X2 and the Q3, (the X1 is really ugly) and for me, overall, the Tonale is the best option… im just increasing the warranty to 5 years just in case 🙂

  15. 36% faster than its direct competition, that is the correct statement, in reality that whole class is slow 😀

  16. I think the tonale is a work of art, especially the front end.

  17. He doesn't know much about automotive design.

  18. Questionable looks? Have you seen the new BMWs lately?

  19. Will always be the Toe-nail to me.

  20. Would you also review the 280 HP version Plug-in Hybrid?

  21. Time to test out the PHEV

  22. Reply
    τριγωνικό ραντάρ March 6, 2023 at 5:35 am

    imagine saying that alfa s front end isnt perfect.

  23. I’ve owned six Alfas now. Currently still own four, which include a Giulia Quad and a Stelvio Ti. Having said that I think, though ultimately essential, this isn’t the car Alfa needed right now. It’s simply too mundane. Therefore it isn’t likely to get the attention from non Alfaholics that they hope. What Alfa needed was a halo car that was as capable as the Giulia Q, yet as sexy and intoxicating as the 8c. Then make that car as attainable as the BMW M4. That would have gotten the attention of the entire motoring world AND THEN they could have brought this car to market.

  24. Tonaliiii,Tonaliii…I stop watching… money can't buy you excellent review automobile YouTube channel… Tonale,my friend. E like Elephant.

  25. How he dare to compare Alfa Romeo to BMW????

  26. All new cars look more or less the same and have the same equipment.

  27. This is new gen buffed up Alfa brera

  28. I am waiting on the Dodge Hornet it will have more Horsepower

  29. People mock FCA platforms and said a merger was needed for both ICE & EV architectures. Tonale rides on an over a decade old FIAT compact platform used on Renagade, Compass, 500X (& was used for Dart where it drove well). Obviously the platform was modified but is every bit as good as segment rivals.

  30. Tracking… hmmmm… nope, do not like. I do not agree with your idea of good vs bad style. Side is bad, front is good. Wheel arches… yuck. Nose is too far forward and the wheels are too small vs the body.

  31. Regardless of how this car looks, in my opinion it is something special and unique in which you don't often see on streets unlike Germans that you can find them on every single corner of the streets.
    The only negative point is its engine power.

  32. Something about this car looks like Rick from Rick and Morty

  33. I really like the look of this car, but would never buy an Alfa again after horrific reliability and savage depreciation. Whilst the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 might not look quite as good, they’re the cars I’d actually buy for myself.

  34. There is nothing in the world compare to Italian Design!!!

  35. Nice review! I often see the Tonale around (I'm Italian) and as a car enthusiast I must say it is GORGEOUS compared to the Stelvio (which still is a great car imo) especially in the light green colour. By the way, this car is obviously expensive and hearing Rory say that it looks like it's premium made me laugh. Does it really look premium? I think it actually is. <3

  36. Great car but I think the new x1 has a better interior and it's updated styling is almost equal to the tonale.

  37. I like the car, the front lights are a bit like the lights of the 159 but a bit more agressive

  38. You have no clou what it is ! it s a rubbish stellantis product ! so its equal to Opel Peugeot Citroen etc products ! NOTHING SPECIAL just a car !

  39. It is a gorgeous car

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