New 2022 Range Rover review plus how it compares to the previous L405 Range Rover? reviews

July 1, 2023

The new 2022 Range Rover has just gone on sale and I spent a few days with one to see what it’s like to live with and how it compares to our 2021 Range Rover. Here’s what I found out..
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  1. No badges so everyone who can't really afford one can get the cheapest on finance. Clever marketing.
    L405 definitely looks better though, more masculine.

  2. £107k and the auto raising parcel shelf is an option? Rude!

  3. You Sounds exactly like James may

  4. Is it the SWB vogue???

  5. Reply
    Camilo Roman SO�EZ July 1, 2023 at 11:41 am

    the perfect daily vehicle for the day-to-day life of high society

  6. Thank you!

  7. Sell it, Sell it, unless you are willing to have it in the repair shop a lot.

  8. idk bt i prefer previos gen looks more presence

  9. Reply
    colossus of rhodes July 1, 2023 at 11:41 am

    It looks gay. And cheap. The previous model screams class and prestige. This looks like a Kia 😂

  10. Harry, why are you wearing two watches?

  11. 👏🇺🇦

  12. And the dash looks like you've left your iPad perched on the dash covered in finger prints, paddles why ?

  13. Try it on wet grass Harry

  14. Well what can I say, its looks stunning, yet as for looks, we'll I still perfer the previous generation! But I still enjoy my range rover sport 4.2 supercharged.

  15. Cool video if for nothing else than to see the English countryside.

  16. Leased on of these, got rid and bought a GLS a couple of months ago, much better in every way

  17. I'm gonna say that the design IS nicer, but it's clear as usual, at the price JLR are selling these at, they will spend most of their time in one of three places; up and down gravel drives or taking a trip around the private estate, taking Tarquin and Jemima to school or unfortunately, at the dealers waiting for parts because these are likely to be as unreliable as all other range rovers.
    I also find it very concerning how more car manufacturers (like JLR) allow you to 'subcribe' to a vehicle. One monthly fee (just like a phone) and you change them every 6-12 months. You stop paying, you lose the vehicle. Just how environmentally friendly is that??

  18. Ile keep my l405 not keen on this

  19. It is a fantastic looking car, and undoubtedly still just as capable offroad, although I wouldn't think that many will ever leave the tarmac. The true test of the design will be in a number of years if it still looks so special and captures the range rover look. For me the original range rover still looks fantastic

  20. Anyone lend me £120,000. Thank you!

  21. Reply
    Overcoming Obstacles July 1, 2023 at 11:41 am

    Harry is such a handsome gentleman 😍

  22. Great video. Why don’t you look at watches like automobiles? Your traditional watch is outdated by your electronic watch. Stop wearing the old one. Trade it in like you do your cars. Two watches are just ridiculous. They both tell the time, but only one can save your life.

  23. Great Review, Harry!!!!

  24. The new Range Rover is a bit sad to look at from the side. The random block of trim at the back along the body line and the "U" on the door is just silly to look at. A vent for the engine bay was practical and looked much better on the L322. Real door handles are more practical and helpful for first responders. 23" with 30mm sidewall tires are the antithesis of what a real Range Rover really is.

  25. Looks are great , better than the rivals, hope the questions of reliability are discussed by Harry soon.

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