New 2022 Honda CB500X Review: The Best Budget Adventure Bike? reviews

April 19, 2023

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  1. I like the idea of this bike. I just don't like the look of it at all

  2. I'm a new rider, 5'7" with a 30 inch inseam – would this bike be a decent height?

  3. I have a 2021 cb500x, just about to reach 20,000miles, zero issues, nothing but fun, it makes a great touring bike

  4. Loved you brought the himilayan into comparison the trade off would be how much dirt you want to due. Unfortunately i like a 50/50 mix or i should say i want that . The himilayan loses hard on the hp and top end but the honda just looks more pavement touring then dirt ready. Would love to see a bit more enduro in this bike.

  5. Personally I like the sound of a Harley, but I don't purchase bikes by their sound. I have protected my 2022 CB500X for off road riding on forest, BLM, logging, dirt, and gravel roads, with crash/engine bar, skid plate, radiator guard, exhaust heat deflector, heavy duty luggage and pannier racks, tool box behind the pannier rack, Garmin zumo xt GPS, center stand, soft luggage, power outlet cord for tire pump, tire pressure monitor, and fog lights, for $1,400. The same off road accessories that you would have on any of the bike in this price range if you plan off road riding.

    The bike was loaded with luggage and camping equipment on a 2,300 mile backroads trip from Lake Erie to Tennessee Tail of the Dragon, down to Florida, up to Pennsylvania and back to Ohio so your comment it's not suited for long tours is inaccurate. This summer, I plan a stretch of the legs from Lake Erie to southwest New Mexico, north on the continental divide to Montana, across the Dakotas to Mackinac, and return to Ohio for 6,300 miles or 10,138 Km. That's the difference in our countries, distances and the vastness of the variety of landscapes. Incidentally, there are thousands of US bikers that put over 10,000 miles a year on tours.

  6. Great review Mr. MotoBob. I am a rider with 40 years experience and this bike is a little gem. Traction control, wheelie control, rain/sport modes are not required, as it is all in your right wrist and the GMU (Grey Matter Unit) between your ears. Keep up the great work. Dave from Nova Scotia, Canada

  7. beautiful

  8. Great review, to the point, a pleasure to watch , thanks.

  9. I'd rather have this than KTM

  10. Yamaha SR500 > CB500x

  11. Is this a viable TET bike

  12. Sort of think that if it’s Honda it should be red.

  13. Интересный обзор 👍

  14. Seems a good bike for someone like me maybe getting off the sporty bikes a bit to a transition in to light weight semi ADV bike. Hmmm.


  16. I’m getting older so a down grad on the size of my bikes is an obvious move for me..I’ve just brought exactly the same bike as used in the video and at the moment still running it in..what a brilliant mid sized adventure bike it is I’m very happy with it..

  17. I bought the 2022 CB500x this February and as of December I already have >7000km on it. No problems at all. I added a skid plate and lever guards and it is nice little adventure bike for light offroad. I dont feel it lacks power unless I ride with a pillion on a highway. Travelled 1600km in four days this month and I felt comfortable. Here are some of my riding videos:

  18. I have the 2020 model. Here in Japan, due to silly bike category laws it is sold as 400X. Other than the slightly lower engine size everything else is exactly the same. It’s a great bike but I do find the gear change a bit clunky.

  19. Is it possible to reduce the handlebar width by a couple of mm? My side clearance is 790mm I don’t like the idea of leaving it out front.

  20. Think you nailed with this review. Honda made very good job indeed. This is imho best option for those who look in to entering adventure world without spending too much money. This might be my 2nd bike next year 😉

  21. what did you like better this or the 500cl that is forth coming?

  22. The CB500x takes the top spot for 'bang for your buck' IMO – For a solo rider it really is all the bike most people need

  23. 2022 model rpm indicator; OMG so small. just sold my color TFT on bmw. what a difference. Can't see it in sunlight.

    So thought how do i see rpm to change gear; well every 10km as its set 10-,20,30,40km is each gear; nev er had anything go thru gears this quick. Thought my F800R was quick; a HD would be first at 40 mph and I'm in 4th gear. WHY; spend my life shifting up to go around the corner; 3rd gear creeping ! Really. So disappointed. even yamaha tr07,9 was way longer in first, 2nd.

    other than that; comfy and nice bike for the bucks. Scooters leaving me in their dust !! mw F800r would be in 2nd gear and i'm in 4th ; barely creeping ! Is that so low on available power ?

  24. It's a good bike, and the fact that is a 2 cylinder, lowers engine vibrations issues adding comfort during long rides. It's not super fast but has a good cruising speed suitable on highways. The exhausts under the engine should be having more protection, but I guess an aluminum cover could be added.

  25. One hell of a lot of money would need to be put into this bike to make it a good Adventure bike, I'd rather pay for a Kawasaki KLR 650 adventure model and spend a little more to upgrade a few items and have a good adventure bike from the dealership than pay about the same and have to spend a lot to get the bike ready.

  26. Nice bike

  27. I can't decide between this and an ADV350. Suggestions?

  28. Honda please put the nice maroon wing badge not only on this bike But on ALL Hondas. Why is it that only a few Hondas gets this ?
    Its branding & give the bike a more quality look. You ride a Honda let it show !!

  29. Какой у вас рост?

  30. Overall a great all rounder and well balanced bike in this 500cc category. Suits for daily city use and weekend long rides, My Verdict – Value of money!!

  31. Minimum for me is 650cc with a twin engine. 500cc is a little weak on the highway. VStrom 650 or Tenere 700 are my 2 choices. If I had to pick a Honda it would have to be a 700cc or 800cc Transalp or a 700cc or 800cc Africa Twin. I don’t like 1000cc or 1200cc as they are way to heavy to pick up if dropped on the trails.

  32. I might even sell the car for one! Looks gorgeous.. how long will it take to get my a2 license? I’m 48

  33. 1:15 how is this even mentioned as a downside? put a different muffler on if it bothers you. Has a nice tone, and isnt too loud IMO.

  34. I don't understand the laugh at the end though…

  35. I bought a cbr600rr this year to try an inline 4 and I already miss my thumpers and being able to do anything on a bike.. really eyeballing one of these.

  36. It's everything Kawasaki 650 KLR might as well be because so many KLR owners are frustrated at what their bike is not be so far ahead with this matter what the KLR is a crappy dirt bike so why not just get a WAY WAY WAY better road bike that is also a crappy and at least have a wonderful road portion of your adventures!

  37. Reply
    Erol Germann (Emmanuel) April 19, 2023 at 2:45 pm

    As you already said, "a real Jeep motorbike" , particularly for a Senior rider like me (!)
    Regards 🇧🇷

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