New 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster Review: A Worthy Sportster Successor? reviews

April 17, 2023

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  1. Nice review Bob but don’t get caught out by what seems a cheap price in America. Unlike the rest of the world Americans never include Tax on their prices as these vary from state to state, there’s also delivery and dealer fees to stump up for plus in the states you very rarely get the first service free. So yes it might be a bit cheaper in the states but after all the add ons I wouldn’t of thought there’s much difference between the one the road price in either country.

  2. Which way is the Indian dealership?

  3. R.I.P Harley Davidson Nighster 975
    We need 1984-1993 Harley Davidson FXRT 1340, DNA Machine, Old Version 5MT, 1/4mile: 14.1 sec 91 mph.
    We need new machine upgrade
    – 6 Manual
    – 1,868cc rivals Triumph Rocket 3
    – Sport Touring Is The Best Classic

  4. Honda on hd production? Curious thing.) And some not true.

  5. I presume that this bike is for a different audience than the one which like the torquey cruisers like Fat Bob and Fat Boy.

  6. they should have put a smaller milwaukee 8 in the sportster instead. i do not like the rev max. it is not what has made harley what harley is.

  7. never showed the ugly side. who paid for that?

  8. Not going to knock your review in any way, how you describe something is your choice …… but Jesssssssssssssssus H what the F were they thinking with that exhaust ??

  9. Hand Controls SUCKS looks just like Cheap looking Japanese Hand Controls. Harley Davidson WAKE UP!!! Remember when the Japanese followed and copy the looks of the Harley Davidson. NOW look Harley Davidson is following and coping the Japanese motorcycle. Harley Davidson You better Wake up FAST before it's too late and YOU are out of business!!!! This is what happens to Harley Davidson when they have People in charge who knows nothing about Harley Davidson Motorcycles!!! Bring Back the Good Ole Day's Simple Models people can afford and NO White Tennis Shoes BOOT'S etc…

  10. i notice you didn't show the UGLY SIDE of this bike dude… god damn the other side of this bike is a goddamn clown show

  11. It might be “modern” but the original Sportster didn’t look like Fischer Price designed it.

  12. November '22…the '23 Honda Rebel 1100T 'bagger' comes in at £11.300 with DCT, £10.500 manual, so this is away over priced…you get the fairing and hard boxes with the 1100T

  13. An air box cover fake gas tank…come on man, this is dum!

  14. If…and there will be a time, that you have to work on the bike….your not!
    Thats what they dont tell you!
    It is quite a bit of "proprietary tooling"!
    Computer, etc…..
    It looks like Harleys version of the Indian Scout!

  15. The new 60 degree engines have removed the look, sound and feel of HD soul 😢

  16. why would you make the sporty a 1200 and then kill it and come out with a smaller,little 900.. back to the size sportster was..??? going backwards… dumb idea

  17. I really thought a lot about getting the Rogue, but eventually went for the Nightster. I've stumbled upon certain comments about the left side of the bike putting some people off; true, it is not symetrical like the Indian, but it has that cyberpunk/sci-fi look that make all my friends say the bike looks like Batman's. The aesthetic of the Nightster may not be as classic as that of the Rogue, it is still a massive head turner. Other than looks, I find the stock mid controls (not stock on the Indian, but available) and greater lean angle on the Nightster make it quite fun to ride in the twisties, and I've seen a few reviewers complain about scratching the pegs easily on the Scout. Lastly, I believe the MPG is much higher on the Nightster than the Scout, which is nice for Mother Earth. They're both great bikes. Hope you'll love the one you pick as much as I love mine 🙂

  18. The camera shutter clicking sound that you add between transitions is annoying and distracting

  19. is it an upright riding position?

  20. Under powered noisy shit box with mummy issues

  21. As an American, the first thing I’d do to this bike is make sure it made more emissions!

  22. I'm wondering if this is a product of passion or a product of necessity. I tend to think it is the latter, you know, because of corporate leadership trying find a new market, needing to make emission regulations, etc. I mean, I'm sure the engineers who designed it have some skin in the game, but Harley has been run (too much) by corporate bean counters for years. I just watched another video about Harley's next bad mistake and the vlogger mentioned "entry level" Harleys and this doesn't make it according to that vlogger. I'd agree. Oh, and that big bad mistake?… the Sportster line is being cancelled. Not good. Shows that the leaders of Harley have no balls (aka are afraid of risk). If I had a choice between this bike and the Indian FTR, which I believe is the better comparison, it would be Indian all the way. But, I have a better "sportster" anyway. A Honda CB1000R. So, not changing to any other bike for a while.

  23. I feel like it they want to appeal to the majority of Harley Riders would be to switch back to the 45 degree common Crankpin design that they are known for as well as keeping it air-cooled with still being an OHC design, Old, But New

  24. I was unimpressed when it came out but one test ride changed me 180°. I’ll take a red one thank you

  25. Definitely up for some new riding gear I’ll check them out

  26. What bike is it in the sponsor part early in the videos? It looks so good

  27. Don't hate it but I also don't really love it. The issue with that? This is replacing the Sportster and I LOVED the Sportster, so that's a loss for me.

  28. For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (2 Corinthians 7:10)
    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7)
    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

  29. Still not better than the Indian Scout

  30. Harley Davidson – now made in Bawal India, Manaus Brazil and Pluak Daeng Thailand. They "USED" to be cool. Now 1%ers all line up to make deals and snitch each other out! It used to be a brotherhood and slowly turned into a dog eat dog mentality.

  31. Are they going to do a 1250cc version?

  32. What a waste. They had an opportunity to put out a decent bike and just refuse? Makes no sense….the only thing I can think of is theycant make it good without confusing their existing market….Lord forgive they should go ahead build a bike that attracts motorcycle lovers rather than Harley minions But then the price would be up there and their market would be all "wtf is this??" Harley SERIOUSLY just needs to bite the bullet and build a platform that can compete with Sportbikes and/or sport tourers etc ….they proved they CAN do something elsewith the PanAmerica now just go all the way Harely! reach for those of us that will NEVER EVER EVER buy anything traditionally offered by the motor company! Build an American Ducati for example or Aprillia…..A new V4 motor maybe in a superb chassis light weight excellent Ohlins suspension Brembos etc 200 hp ….hire some Italian designers to influence the final look….charge $40k or whatever but just make sure it is THE BEST

  33. Can it take on old country roads that are dirt and gravel with water and uneven ground?

  34. Forty-eight put in this new engine…
    Just enuff for me…


  36. Ha, Like a Honda Super Cub the gas tank is under the seat.

  37. Looks like 5 pounds of technology stuffed into a 3 pound bag, ugly, cluttered, engine looks like it's part plastic, I'll hang on to my '99 Sporty.

  38. I like that it's more similar to the old Sportster than the Sportster S but I can't recall seeing any uglier liquid-cooler ever. The specs might be better for Harley but this time the design department was working so much better at Indian.

  39. The new Nightster looks too European. Also the stock exhaust looks gay AF.

  40. Prices are crazy right now. I bought my softail streetbob from the showroom floor for £12,000 and got my first service thrown in, 2 years later and a sportster is more expensive…

  41. Last time I checked, the Sportsters are still around and in fact are growing in that line of HD's. HD created the Nightster line for those who want less noise, shakiness and power. The Nightster is an "addition," to the HD line of bike models. I can't wait to get mine.

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