NEW 2022 Garmin LIVESCOPE PLUS Review and BEST SETTINGS 2022

April 4, 2023

I was fortunate to get the new Garmin Livescope Plus technology a couple months before it was available to the public and spent a lot of time testing the settings, limitations, and improved image quality and signal processing to give a full report on the newest forward-facing sonar technology from the originators at Garmin. I have also spent a good bit of time at Garmin headquarters and on conference calls with their engineers to fully understand how these products are developed.

Here is my starting point for settings with Livescope Plus:

Downloaded and Installed the latest 27.10/ 2.58 updates.
Trolling motor calibration done with ARHS on.
Color Gain: 55.
TVG: Off.
Noise Reject: Low or Medium.
Ghost Reject: Auto.
Gain: 62-68 (depending on sediment).
Color Limit: 30-40 (depending on sediment and Gain settings).

• Garmin Livescope Plus –
• Garmin GPSMap1242 –
• Garmin Force Trolling Motor –



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    The Ice man Series April 4, 2023 at 10:56 pm

    Thanks man, you explained the color limit and gain perfectly.

  2. Hello, I just bought the. New garmin 8612XSV. And I just have a couple. Of questions 1st, will my new graph link up with the Minn kota I pilot link? When I look on the minn kota website, it doesn't really say, and it would be nice to know before I go and purchase one. The only.The reasonn I'm purchasing one is because I can't seem to find a garmin bowmount that is for salt water my. Next question? Can I run my existing Existing HDS7 Lawrence through my garmin with the nema 2000 cable? And if so, how does that work.? Thank you and I really appreciate your time.

  3. We need live scope to win bass tournament not catch fillets

  4. Thanks for puttin me to sleep -_-

  5. Will the newer LiveScope LV34 work with my EchoMap Plus 73SV?

  6. Outta be banned in tournaments. Straight up cheating

  7. What brand sunglasses are those? 🤔

  8. Great device

  9. Technology has gone too far. It allows for less skill and more reliance on using a device. That's all there is to it. This point doesn't just apply to fishing.

  10. I use mine to watch dynamite go down lol. Fishing is good where I'm at

  11. Great video!

  12. Do black boxes get old, is it worth getting a new one?

  13. I have always used hummingbird's. But my next buy will be Garmin equipment.

  14. This take all the skill out of fishing and is going to add more pressure on fish.

  15. Having my face stuck in some electronic unit just don't crack my nuts.

  16. This is almost cheating 😂

  17. Hate to sound like a Boomer but the live views have made tournaments much less fun. Guys who could never compete can now by looking down at the screen all day. They work great but I’m not a fan.

  18. Sorry, that's NOT fishing.

  19. Wipe your screen off fella!

  20. Reply
    James stevenson stevenson April 4, 2023 at 10:56 pm

    Men with expensive toys

  21. Great review. I have a new boat with all Humminbird. Including the Mega Live. Seems I have been installing updates every month to address issues. I'm just not happy with what I'm seeing on screen. I would say 50% is probably a result of inadequate setting (my fault). But it sure seems like Garmin is better. I fished as a co-angler at Truman Lake this past week. All the pros that had Garmin could clearly see those brush piles with fish on them. I think it's time to make the switch to Garmin. Thanks again sir.

  22. Thanks for the video 🫡🫡

  23. Fish like a man and throw that thing in the water. At least MLF is banning these.

  24. Excellent, got mine coming Friday!

  25. I cannot find one for sale anywhere.

  26. this is ridiculous

  27. What screen resolution will the 34 support? Will it support the 8600 HD resolution?

  28. Good tech but this is like playing a fishing game. surely it takes the expectation out of fishing, may as well get in the water with the fish.

  29. new subscriber

  30. can you change that green and lime color to red and orange colors, for me the you tube videos with orangish red seems more identifiable of the crappie

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