New 1440p Gaming Monitor Champ – LG 27GP850 Review reviews

May 15, 2023

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Alienware AW2721D:

My new favourite mainstream 1440p gaming monitor. This is really hard to beat!

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  1. Excellent updated display from LG. Would happily main this for all games.
    Fresh upload on the 2nd channel also!

  2. This or Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ(z) ??

  3. hi. just got it, how to activate nvidia gsync? my VC is geforce 1070.

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    Matthew Dick Son Crusher May 15, 2023 at 4:09 am

    Man, I have tested like 10 monitors last 1.5 year. I think I finally settle with this monitor, I got lucky to have unit without sicnificant backlight bleed and ips glow. I was earlier too afraid to buy this because I had seen too many blb problems.

    Im happy that I dis pull to trigger to try it. Its excellent.

  5. can it run 2k120hz on ps5?

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    Nemanja Jovanovic May 15, 2023 at 4:09 am

    I got this monitor today, but in settings I don't see "overcloak" like you do… It says 180hz on the packaging, but I can't overcloak it :/ What do I need to do?

  7. Is overclocking for monitors or for this monitor in particular something that can lead to damage or wear down of the parts? I have been reading some comments on internet.

  8. How come this review and many others show reviewers using ULMB at 180hz, but when I purchased this monitor ULMB can only be used at 165hz?

  9. Is that good for designers & video editors? I want to use it for my job & gaming.

  10. yo @Optimum Tech wanted to know to which value the brightness is set to of the monitor in this video or atleast the brightness you would recommend

  11. Thanks for the awesome content, just bought that monitor (I know it's a bit late) and I'm in love with it! If u don't mind, what are your color configs to play valorant? Ur game looks brilliant

  12. Does this monitor can work at 100% sRGB?

  13. i think KTC M27T20 is better than this one and have the same price

  14. Can someone help me in choosing
    LG 24gn 650 or Gigabyte g24f or any other choices?

  15. Is the 32 inch the same?

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    Nicholas Andersen May 15, 2023 at 4:09 am

    Hello. I have this monitor.
    can u recommend some settings :)?

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    Христо Попов May 15, 2023 at 4:09 am

    So whats the difference between this and and the “b” model?

  18. Will it downscale to 1080p for pc, my rig only does 144 in 1080p

  19. contrast sucks

  20. This One or the acer XB273UGX?
    Im torn between these two

  21. I think, this is first monitor ALSO for professional work on Photoshop. I have one and this is it for 100%. Now i have 2 in 1 – work and gaming.

  22. waiting for this to come in this week picked it up for €299

  23. How is the contrast in dark scenes in games for example?

  24. This vs the mag what's better?

  25. Is there any diffrence between this monitor and LG 27GP850-B?

  26. i need help! Rly cant decide between this and MSI Optix MAG274QRFDE-QD, 27". Thank you in advance!

  27. hows does it look playing on it with the xbox series X ???

  28. Don't forget that this montiror has too much of ips glow

  29. (for all those who have the problem of the loose frame) Hello, I am contacting you regarding the LG Ultragear 27GP850 screen.

    Do you have the top frame that is not well fixed?

    I had 3 screens of this brand, and only one out of 3 was correctly attached to the top.

    comment bellow please

  30. Can you adjust the screen angle? It looks like you could.

  31. would an Asus ROG bezel-free kit work with these in triple screen setup ?

  32. Show us how to flip the screen to vertical

  33. Excellent monitor

  34. overclock 165hz 180hz
    motion clarity

    backlight strobe – ghosting

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    alter ego moschato May 15, 2023 at 4:09 am

    Hello! Can you confirm that this Display in G-Sync compactible mode has a VRR range of 48-165? Because in Nvidia site the say that the range is 60-165 and i dont really like that!!

  36. It looks bit yellowed even without hdr
    And The Graphics looks so bad in Raft Survival game

  37. MBR doesnt work in 180hz

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