Netflix's Wednesday: a meh adaptation of The Addams Family (dont kill me) 2022

December 16, 2022

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0:00 – intro
1:52 – the addams family history
14:43 – wednesday review
26:14 – the costumes

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  2. They mightve chosen the name because of the story Young Goodman Brown? It's abt the Salem witch trials, and one of the characters is named Goody Cloyse who's supposed to be a good woman but turns out to be attending the devil's sacrament. Then again idk if they'd make such a specific reference like that

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    Karyn | Studio Sloane - Ceramics December 16, 2022 at 6:02 pm

    I genuinely felt like it was way too much like Sabrina (the netflix series), but with Wednesday Addams. Also I 100000% knew the ending before we even got close to it and I'm not that clever lol & I adore Edgar Allan Poe and the inclusion was SOO silly, the poems were dumb, the secret society had no point, and let me tell you that "love triangle" (not even) pissed me off greatly.

    THE INCLUSION OF TIKTOK AND SOCIAL MEDIA MADE ME SO ANGRY THEN THE MF XAVIER GAVE HER A PHONE LIKE EH WHAT?!?! WHO IS PAYING THAT PHONE BILL?! then she gets sent a mf bitmoji text. That pissed me off. Ortega was amazing and as per usual, I loved the sets/outfits/colour theory (the family's weekend with black/blue + oranges made me soooo happy, that was stunning) and the show was fun, I did like it hahaha I'm waiting for next season, I'm just ignoring all the silliness

    I just needed to yell all of that into the comment section void. Ty hahaha

  4. I loved Wednesday!

  5. Tim Burton lost his whimsy and sense for the macabre 20 years ago. Since then it's just been superficial, he adds his signature "dark" visual style and calls it a day. Very sad, considering how good, how funny and how unique his work used to be.

  6. In the '60s tv show, both Gomez & Morticia's mothers were witches who were friends from high school. Uncle Fester was originally Morticia's paternal uncle.

  7. One thing that I can say annoyed me, Wednesday and red-head guy did have some signs of being friends or chemistry, but Wednesday herself said she wasn't interested in dating or the nuclear family. I don't think producers or writers realize you can be in high school and completely uninterested in dating. Even if you have guy friends-you can just not want that for yourself and have no interest in it. Wednesday could even have been a good candidate for an ace/aro character. But every tv show seems to need some kind of romance arc for the main character >.>;

  8. i didnt really like it. she played a shitty detective

  9. the best part of the family is that THEY are the outcasts in a world of normal people. putting wednesday with other weird kids but still trying to make her seem different just doesn’t work.

  10. You are so right about the creative laziness.

  11. yeah i didn't like it too much either

  12. I do think Innid had a little character development but it was quieter. It was implied she usually didn't stand up for herself and went along with other people. But it changed througout the series where she could stand up to her parents at parent day, but I will say her screen time didn't really show us why she became that way. Using Wednesday as the reason was kind of a cheap way to do it.

  13. I personally wasn't impressed by this YA Addams-verse adaptation and I've been over Burton since the early-00's… 'cause of the racism & ableism. It seemed "fun" (from what I've seen) and mostly harmless. That being said, I've also heard troubling things from psychologists and psychiatrists about the problematic way in which the show deals with issues relating to children, especially alienated, ostracized youth. This isn't the Wednesday I grew up with, and she didn't really need to be, but calling a jack a spade isn't fooling anyone.

  14. There's a lot of telling and no showing scenes.

  15. I 1000% agree. Jenna Ortega had the humor of Wednesday but the show itself fell flat and felt like Nancy drew at a magical monster school. It wasn’t the addams family but it was an alright teen show.

  16. Finally someone said it. Actors were great tho

  17. ugh principal weems' costume design was amazing

  18. Broey has a video called the decline of Tim Burton and tho there’s other directors on the show I can totally see stuff pointed out there about Tim’s work on the Wednesday show

  19. Forehead botox with this thin brows is not a good look. sorry

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    Agnes Sofia Castro Carvalho December 16, 2022 at 6:02 pm

    sees tiltle and thumb
    FUCK, YEAH! Finally someone in this world sees for what it is😭😭😭😭😭

  21. see i understand the criticism and i mostly agree but we gotta remember this is a netflix teen show… cant expect it to be the absolute best piece of work.
    and the show isnt about the addams family, but rather only about wednesday. the members of her family are even considered guest stars

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    notmycircusnotmymonkeys December 16, 2022 at 6:02 pm


  23. Wednesday having a love interest isn't impossible. The musical did it while keeping the essence of the family intact. Tim Burton did everything wrong in this adaptation. We have an Addams family with tension, a pugsly who doesn't enjoy torture, and love triangles???

  24. Usually nodding along to your take but hard disagree on this one

  25. The first thing I noticed on Wednesday, along with the Tim Burton credit, is that the showrunners were the ones behind Smallville on CW so when you mentioned it being like a product from that time …yeah, you were spot on. While I have my reservations about a few nitpicks and my biggest criticisms aligns with yours 100%, it was a enjoyable show as long you don't think too hard. The 8 episodes format made sure the season plot didn't overstay its welcome either and had a decent pace.

  26. A days ago a latinoamerican youtuber said something similar to this title, besides Jenna Ortega perform, Wednesday could be any other girl with powers among regular teenagers and students, so more a teen show like many than an Addams Family spinoff

  27. thank god someone finally criticizes it-

  28. I agree with all your criticism really. I still liked the show but I think it comes down to Jenna Ortega's Wednesday and Thing was a lot of fun too. But yeah there's a lot of missed opportunities in the making of this show. Also I literally laughed out loud when they firsted showed the monster

  29. i clicked on it but couldn't finish the first episode cause it was just a caricate version of the original movie, bughead from riverdale saying 'im a weirdo, i dont fit in and i dont wanna fit in' vibes

    they took themselves too seriously, just cringe idk

  30. THANK YOU for this analysis. I 100% agree with everything you said. The fact that the characters were all completely static and boring bothered me so much

  31. SO MUCH ON POINT, simple thigs you say but so deep well done you have a very nice critical mind, youll go places gurl

  32. Charles Addams seemed like such a cool dude

  33. YES! If it was just some show about a random goth girl, great. There's absolutely NO reason (other than popularity-money) to make it about Wednesday. Also felt like I was watching netflixs' Sabrina all over again: witty teen with superpowers go to a special school, is caught between a regular boy and a magical one (who she eventually has to save after screwing everything up) and has a black, beautiful nemesis that at some point turns into an ally. I meeaaan, enough already. Ortega was fantastic, no arguing there, but the plot just feels more of the same.

  34. some of yall r forgetting the wednesday series was a SPINOFF. so it shouldve been expected that they would change some stuff here and there.

  35. I agree ! They should have mande it more MORE macabre ! and have more weird unique individual characters instead of the same old groups of vampires and werewolf’s. It just needed to be more weird

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    D'neen & Ivon's Universe December 16, 2022 at 6:02 pm

    I totally agree with the love triangle storyline being pointless, but in Hollywood fashion, they seem to think teenagers can't thrive without a crush or love interest being involved ….. one of their ultimate cliches! smh

  37. I am extremely disappointed that they allowed Idin to be reincarnated as a werewolf, because all this time she tried to come to terms with this and even quarreled with her mother, who embarrassed and enraged her with her obsession with "fixing" her daughter.
    And this inability to turn into a wolf
    viewers may interpret real sexuality/disability/mental disorders or illnesses as their own and that it is okay not to have what others have,
    BUT then, for some reason, they needed a monster of equal size to fight at the end! Why?! Did you forget how she cut the hell out of an entire school bus in anger and just ripped the door right out of place with her claws?!

  38. I mean, Xavier had kind of a childhood crush for Wednesday and did get visibly frustrated with her in some moments, but Tyler in general just feels like a mess of a character, was he being controlled after all? Is he a psycho? Why did he like her even? just feels they made this character for the plot twist

  39. i got about a minute in before bouncing off hard. why is pugsley sad and put upon over being bullied? Why did he need his sister to fight back for him? Shouldn't Pugsley have found getting bullied to be a fun game? Shouldn't he have been terrifying and funny all on his own when he decided it was 'his turn'? Just from the show's Pugsley it seemed like the only aspect of the addams family that the show was interested in was Wednesday herself. but whatever, i was never the target audience for this show (like the video says, teen show for teen audience), so me bouncing off isn't really a point for or against it.

  40. thank you for this <3

  41. Please do White Lotus! I very much enjoy listening to you talk about anything and everything, whether I agree or not lol. Your videos are great 💕

  42. I enjoyed the show on a surface level. But yeah, too many plot holes and I couldn't care about the two boys. Also the Zootopia-style fantasy racism is also pretty shallow. I also watched 1 ep before getting my sister to watch it, and I also described the show to her as Riverdaled Addams Family looool. Again, I enjoyed it enough. I like the girls and the Addamses. Would like to edit it a lot though.

  43. Just another attempt at glorifying psychopaths

  44. I hated, hated, HATED Enid's outfit for the dance, and so did my friends. It was so baggy, so shapeless, so plain. I think Enid would wear something more on par with the strawberry dress that made its rounds (even if I didn't really like that dress anyway)

  45. I feel the diversity and weird mixture of wanting colorblind casting with flat social commentary was made to cover up tim Burton’s well documented racist history in his casting. Also I can’t take the serious moment of having the addams family be a Latin American family when they cast Catherine zeta jones as Morticia when Catherine has cosplaying in racially ambiguous Latina roles since the 90s when she’s a white European woman with no Latina/Hispanics ancestry or background

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