Nature Loss: UN Report in Paris: BBC News Review 2022

February 24, 2023

The story

Scientists and diplomats from 130 countries start a meeting in Paris today to examine a huge report on how human activity is crippling global biodiversity. They’ll hear how a million species face extinction and how most UN targets to sustain biodiversity won’t be met.


initial work or planning which makes future work easier
• Firstly, I’d like to thank our manager, who laid the initial groundwork for this meeting.
• My partner always books the flights and does the groundwork before a trip.

making the quality of something worse
• Residents say that noise pollution from the new road is degrading their quality of life.
• Fake news is degrading trust in the press.

on a large scale
• Economic instability in the region has led to mass migration.
• Scientists warn of a mass extinction of global species in the report.

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  1. Very happy of this revising notes you are always doing whose help me to increase my vocabulary in listening and speaking. I thank you very much of course.

  2. I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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    姜姜🇨🇦walks & lyrics February 24, 2023 at 2:24 pm

    Like British accent, sounds so cute.

  4. This program help me a lot for my IELTS exam…

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  6. I can see that Neil is a shy guy.

  7. I would like to thank you, because you laid the initial groundwork for my English

  8. I cannot tell the meaning of "won't be met" in 0:46 (on bottom sentence). Could you tell me that ?

  9. Definetely, this video is laying groundwork to maintain my English learning routine!

  10. I could not understand the joke of Neil about "mass hysteria". Could anyone sub these sentences please? Really appriciate.

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  12. Yes,Learning English have laid groundwork for my study.l have a liking for you and listen to bbc every morning.

  13. Can someone correct me, please?
    My city didn't a laid groundwork for to care the environment. Due this in Mexico city have high grades of air contamination.

  14. Thank you, BBC. 💚

  15. If a country hasn't laid the groundwork for its economical prosperity it might suffer mass migration, or mass discontent.

  16. laying the groundwork is a proved way of getting beter results.

  17. these videos are a superb groundwork( in terms of improving vocabulary) before being recognized with a prety acceptable English.

  18. Tom is a newbie in this program?

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  20. Learning with bbc is the best way to lay your groundwork for getting better results in the future, thanks a lot BBC you encourage me to keep learning, a huge hug from The Canaries!👍👍

  21. Frankly speaking is that it's great story . as always the future of prosperity the country is big goals , in this way government and people must act like on hand and lay groundwork for it , with no trepidation politation play key rule it's mass impotant things , finally i guess war is degrading point .

  22. Mass-large scale
    Degrade-reduce in quality

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    Radheshyam yadav English speaking course February 24, 2023 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks sir

  24. Very helpful videos..thank you

  25. 👍love from kerala

  26. the masses is the population?

  27. Thank so much! Very interesting video!

  28. I don't miss a vedio. I love all of it. Thank you ever so much.

  29. Love BBC! I am laying the groundwork for the new project.

  30. I've been listenting to bbc 6 minute english for a few years, very like neil and his sound 想给尼尔生猴子 HHhh

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  34. Thanks a lot.Always enjoy and benefit from your excellent show.

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    Abdelkader Tamelghaghet February 24, 2023 at 2:24 pm


  36. Thanks BBC

  37. I have had the groundwork before the exam today.

    Degrading yourself about the bad grades isn't good idea.

    Mass people gathered along the queue to get the fresh water.

  38. Hi dear teacher, I am from Myanmar, English is not my language but I can express writing my feelings with English. But I can't speak it. Kindly guide me with some tips and I love your English accent and teaching. Could you plz also a long video about phonemes and phonetic with great example plz. Thx so much .

  39. I’m glad to see this lesson
    It’s really useful thanks 🙏 a lot
    Ali from Iraq 🇮🇶

  40. The governments across the globe have a responsibility to do groundwork for the prevention of mass degradation of existing ecology. It would provide people a platform to work for ecological conservation and help improve the degrading quality of life on earth.

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  42. I love Rob
    He seems so kind.

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  45. Can you hele me? Learning English

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    Praveenreddy Nagayolla February 24, 2023 at 2:24 pm

    Thank you for what you have been doing to improve our English, but we want News review daily. Please try to do it.

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