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January 19, 2023

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  1. Melli you looking fine as always

  2. I love your energy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Check to make sure there's no camera and that stuff

  4. Now you are speaking my language…

  5. Reply
    @TheOfficialAbsurdMan January 19, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    Melli you killed the pineapple plant 😂😂

  6. I got a gift for you but I can't send it to you so take this imaginary hug and kiss on your forehead

  7. I downloaded a couple of your songs. I like a feature

  8. makes no sense how pretty you are 😭🖤

  9. I don't want ya to promote my business. Has no business out in tha street. Too embarrassing. Besides tha ladies like me and at least for now, I have all I can handle.

  10. I think it’s absolutely AWESOME that you’re doing this for small business owners. What’s your sweatshirt size?

  11. I can't tell

  12. i literally saw nothing she said 🤣🤣🤣🤣them things were sitting lovely!

  13. 😎👑

  14. I wish you were like a real witch. Cause. Cause then you'd make me your babe Jose. Or even a beautiful alien. You'd make me your babe Jose. You? You must just really be only an earther. I want to your babe. I think this world is too slow in some aspects. I had sxx with a real goddess once. Upon her brilliant space machine. Invincible and at any time invisible. She made me stare at her humongous planet. Then after brought me back. Said I could live a single's man life till she returns. No kidding kitty and Drizzle's only a kitten. The name she gave me. She's pretty but ugly when she goes to war. She turns into a big green ugly monster hahajaja. You know what drink at la Bar. One drink and you'd have it your way Jose. Hahajaja I just threw that in there. All I do is play World War Z strategies. According to my perfect calculation? You should want literally me. Now that I think about it? I believe I have the DNA of a goddess in me. Well it would seem. I'm all over the place yet not really. You should make me your babe Jose. Cause I believe you'd want to.

  15. Melli I can see you dont like anything too long, I hope it exclude a relationship because you belong to me

  16. Melli chill…that bobblehead looks like Ice T.🤷🏿‍♂️

  17. Looks like someone sent you a voodoo doll of yourself. May Yahoshua deliver you from any curses. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Peace and blessings to you and your entire family!

  18. Look sexy I think I'm going to have to unsubscribe every time I see you and I know I have nothing to give to breaks my heart to know that I cannot be with you because of my situation I'm too old to wait around I might not ever get that Sexual Healing I need and when I look at you I know you give it to me you might put me in my grave but I will die a happy man for once in my life be happy but I also know I'm not a stupid individual so I guess I just have to be with you in my dreams I just hope I don't have my heart torn out because I can't have what I really want stay safe baby you know I can't stop looking at you hoping one day one of those straps might break that happens I'm coming to wherever you are not trying to threaten I'm trying to express the way I feel about you like I said on your pineapple show I'm shooting for you and only you like I said be safe

  19. Well, that's a great idea. but your hair style is the best yet .

  20. You look better

  21. Wow M.Monaco I like how energetic you are.

  22. People love you Mel! 🎉🎊

  23. I sent yah a shower cap … you didn't get it? Not sure if the size was right??

  24. It ain’t Melli unless the tatas is out.

  25. Even Lazy Baby is excited to see your gifts

  26. *"Bobble…"- It's okay baby we still love you

  27. The next time you go on a date and the girl says you should pay because she has a good personality and green eyes. GIVE HER YOUR WALLET NATHAN

  28. Bubble Head for Your Bubbly Personality 👑

  29. On the real melli gotta be one of the finest women alive no cap…. just naturally beautiful….

  30. Bobblehead.

  31. Love the hair mama

  32. Melli you say lovers ❤ I say it’s about time someone captured your love 💕

  33. Melli your hair looks real good like that

  34. BleSsingGgzzz

  35. This is great great content Melli. Please keep doing these

  36. YOU SIMPS SHE WILL NEVER GIVE UP THE P BECAUSE OF YOU DUMAS. remember this is why you get no p

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