My Final, Brutally Honest Los Santos: Last Dose Review 2022

March 20, 2023
  1. NGL!!! This the worst dlc they ever did. Like this is literally TRASH!!! This is not what we wanted RS! Try again cause this ain’t it.

  2. Is that Ratchet n Clank music?

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    TheRastafarianStuff March 20, 2023 at 8:53 pm

    imo the dlc got castrated majorly from the beggining when the actor & voice of Trevor refused to ever be part of the game again, especially for something like this dlc was promoting drugs. So R* had to keep it low and still come with a DLC, but more like a 25% on a scale from 0 to 100. Considering the DLC Franklin got.

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    TheRastafarianStuff March 20, 2023 at 8:53 pm

    1:28 false, you get more motorbikes if you play with another person. they wont get it right away (like the host of the selling mission do), they will have to go to a specific location to get the bike with acids. and will be able to help you deliver the acids normally

  5. They should have done a third part on this story called "Over Dose".

  6. Agreed. Gta 5 is definitely lameeee in 2023

  7. The good the bad and the ugly

  8. I mean the story line was accurate as in my mind was fried the entire play through. As in it took me an hour to beat the second half of the story dlc while stoned off my ass.. it was literally just “here just follow these typical steps and we’ll tell you when it’s done”.

  9. Black ops 2 bruv?… I couldnt focus 💀

  10. Actually this is my first time missing an entire update, that says a lot

  11. Notice they didn't mention much about the car at the end of the missions – they left it as open as they could so they could swap the vehicle and we'll play from Welcome to the Troupe through BDKD to get it.

  12. People may get upset at this but it needs to be said. Most (if not all) of the people that made Rockstar and GTA special are gone and it shows. I have no high hopes for whatever GTA6 is going to be and that's sad. I hope I'm wrong but all things are pointing that way.

  13. funny thing actually, madrazo was actually introduced in the tuners update via auto shop contracts.

  14. they also removed the railgun in gunvan.. can't buy ammo for it in gunvan anymore 😢

  15. I remember someone saying this but essentially these missions are a bit more new player friendly in mind

    First set of missions unlocks you a free Business that can be completely soloed.

    Second set nets you a high end Car that can be imani teched for free

    Taxi service wich yea dosent net ya any real money could be helpful to the low level players

    This whole DLC feels like some type of starter for any low levels who just got into the game

  16. the only reason i did the first dose was to get the acid lab, only to realize i had to do 10 dax missions to make it profitable, I already have a nightclub and auto shop and all that so i didn't even bother. And honestly the free super car isnt even enough motivation for doing the second part because i like my 69 mustang and delorean

  17. It was over before it even began. What was it. I really hope, they will add more to this story, because it just raised so many questions. And the reward for finishing it! Not worth it

  18. I played a few missions of the first part of Last Dose and was so bored, I haven't been back on GTA O since then

  19. Was really looking forward to the 50 car Garage. Might have been the worst part of it , one location in the entire city😪

  20. What if the Michael dlc is next and they are saving Friedlander for that?

  21. I think drug wars was hit and miss. QoL things are nice to make mc somewhat having reason to be there. Story overall was meh okeish. 1st 6 missions dragged too long and last 5 were basicly 2 survivals and drive from a-b. But atleast they were short. I give solid 2,5/5 just cos of qol and acid lab. Still hoping they adjust those mc sell missions. Not that i havent done cp any more after nerf cos i dont need to grind money anymore but i have more varietys of ways making it and not feel like "oh this payout is shit compared to cp" or just making 1 grind a chore

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    a random internet person March 20, 2023 at 8:53 pm

    Isn't there a mission in single player where Michael chases Dr.Friedlander across LS and has the choice to either kill him or let him escape?

  23. Best thing about the last dose missions is the money & the car its faster then the cyclone & cn add 4+ mods at the agency & I do wish street dealers paid more 60k-100k is chump change when you spending that refilling one business

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    chris crashtest povey March 20, 2023 at 8:53 pm

    Found the set to easy.

  25. Classic bo1 zombies theme song ❤

  26. "This is for your own good"
    shoots with rpg at him

  27. Need street dealers version of counterfeit money and fake ids lol

  28. This whole video I was hearing the black ops 2 multiplayer music then the zombies music so now I’m going too play bo2 💀😂

  29. I like the free car though!

  30. There is somewhat of a character development for labrat because in story mode he is known as omega

  31. Yup that’s R* for ya, they have completely turned to crap..

  32. I dont like that the doctor is alive since i always kill him in story mode lol

  33. Last Dose doesn't even make sense

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