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October 23, 2022

In this video, Sid reviews the newest DCEU Movie: Black Adam!


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  1. Black⚡️Adam 2 is already being worked on so hopefully they focus more on a story because that’s the only thing this movie was missing because if Black Adam focused more on the story then it could’ve been the best cbm of the year but regardless it’s on The Top 3 right now

  2. I give it 7-8/10.It was a decent movie.
    Don’t agree with Rotten tomato at all.
    Just compare it for example with captain marvel movie and see if the rating is acceptable.

  3. It was a good movie. Too many wanna be critics.

  4. Could’ve said a spoiler warning considering this it’s only been out for a day

  5. Reply
    The rich bacon hair October 23, 2022 at 4:04 am

    I loved the movie and the crowd was everyone in the theatre were screaming when they saw Superman but I really didn’t like how dr fate was extremely nerfed and got killed off I wish they had showed him in the future when the justice league needed his help

  6. White Adam… coming soon

  7. Black Adam: Indian endgame

  8. Yes the comic ears and the pointy hair

  9. Post credits were 🔥

  10. Excellent take! This makes the moving forward of the JSA a tricky one, they haven't created a situation where the fans would even care enough if they wanted them to move on. They nerfed Doctor Fate as expected sadly. Sabacc definitely should be no match for him aside that he couldn't perform basic spells at crucial times. He was better off with his own movie. Overall it's a good watch

  11. Cavill returned in Black Adam. Gadot’s returning in Shazam 2. Affleck’s returning in Aquaman 2. Cavill, Gadot, and Affleck are returning in The Flash. 🙌

  12. I’m fine with Atom smasher, cyclone and Hawkman not having fleshed out stories because we will see them again but I wish I had made a connection with fate so I would’ve cared about his death more

  13. I agree with this review. Is the movie Flawed? Absolutely. But is it a bad movie? Nah.

  14. I think a HBO max JSA series or film would be amazing something like the JSA episode from Smallville

  15. It was awesome I cannot wait to see what they do with both the JSA and Sarah Shahi's Adrianna Tomez and if she gets her comic name

  16. Killing off dr fate was bad other wise amazing movie

  17. It’s about…drive

  18. If dceu black Adam had the ears it would be impossible for me to take him seriously

  19. Just watched it today

  20. he has no hair

  21. my favourite part is when the rock said its adaming time

  22. It was so fire

  23. Doctor fate death was sad

  24. I really loved this movie. Keep this up DC.

  25. doomblazer: ok so I saw black atom so here's my honest review on it so it's about-

    me: drive it's about power

  26. Dr Fate will most likely come back to the dceu.
    As in the comics the helmet was created by the spirit of Nabu who chooses the wearer of the helmet

  27. Rock is the same in every movie. He doesn't know how to change his personalizes. He just plays himself.

  28. They didn’t waste doc fate. He’s confined to return for future DCEU projects

  29. Don't worry guys The Rock has confirmed that we haven't seen the last of Dr Fate and that Pierce Brosnan will return as the sorcerer supreme and lord of order

  30. Imagine a black V Superman movie do you guys think it would do well or would it flop like Batman V superman?

  31. They nerf Black Adam and Dr. Fate so much until Dr Fate has been killed by Sabbac and almost kill Black Adam.

  32. Stop comparing mediocre dc movies to marvel movies

  33. I had my ear phones In and my phone on the table well I was drawing. I didn't read spoilers 💀

  34. Bruh what this movie was amazing

  35. First Just tell me why superman works withe that bitch and second of all whear the Fuck was superman dont get me wrong i loved the movie best superhero movie this year

  36. “Its about…”

  37. Well a spoiler alert would've been nice

  38. I honestly loved this movie and I have no complaints

  39. 7/10

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