My AWFUL Iberia Business Class Flight to Madrid reviews

March 3, 2023

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Join me on one of the worst flights I’ve taken to date, Iberia’s Airbus A330 in Business Class. There was little premium about today’s experience, the cabin cleanliness was shocking, the inflight food was lacking and in part inedible and given the price point of this flight – it offers poor value for money.

As always I offer a brutally honest review of what it’s like to fly in the pointy end, so you can expect a comprehensive review of the Business Class lounge at Chicago airport, along with a seat tour, food & beverage walkthrough and that all important “bed” rating. As always do let me know what you think, and also what your experience of Iberia has been to date? Was this just them on a really bad day, or this actually a more common occurrence?

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  1. Thanks all for watching. Just to note, unfortunately when rendering (saving from my editing software) there's a 4 second segment showing a placeholder in place of what should have been a beautiful map i've spent a long time creating. But fear not, it will feature in next weeks video, my 52 train journey across America 🙂

  2. Iberia is a low price flight!! You get wath you bye! With that price tag you have too ask for a refund!!

  3. Not bad for a long haul train in India….ah, Is that IB??? Omg

  4. I don’t think I need square space for knowing that planes are dirty.
    It’s not like it’s being hand washed and disinfected after each customer.
    Maybe once a few months when plane is on servicing

  5. Reply
    Federico Bionda Private mail March 3, 2023 at 7:03 am

    I never realised the reason why the lights are dimmed during the first and the last part of the flight. And I have flight a lot in the last few years 😅

  6. Can't believe he didn't take this up with the cabin crew – disgusting!

  7. Disgusting

  8. Iberia showing how Spain really is… old, dirty, expensive, and feeling better than everyone else…

  9. i'd go mad. they would have to clean that in front of me.

  10. SO nasty.

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    Dakota Reese Music March 3, 2023 at 7:03 am

    Good GOD man, I'd be absolutely OVERCOME with the need to clean the seat myself. I'd legit end up cleaning the entire cabin if it was empty. That's absolutely horrifying. Who is allowing them to get away with this?

    Frankly, you should send this video to Iberia's central offices and let them see for themselves.

  12. Man… that was bad

  13. After watching that video I would never fly that dirty air plane …they charge a high price to fly a filthy plane

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    Sidney's Tipps & Tricks to travel with airlines. March 3, 2023 at 7:03 am

    Mein god! I will use Air Europe over Madrid then.

  15. Plane looks depressing as hell.. Infectious usually. Dingy and filthy. I'm suprised you didn't feel like spraying deet on yourself. Thanks for enduring this.

  16. Ewwwwww

  17. That is disgusting the level of uncleanliness.

  18. I mean old and dated is one thing, filthy is another. I’ve been on what I thought were some dirty planes but that is nasty

  19. This should be serve as serious warning for the CEO – whoever is in charge of this airline. #iberia

  20. Highly recognisable. A lot of money is knocked out of your pockets and then you have nothing. A dirty plane, lazy crew and food that could actually go straight into the green bin. I have only ever flown business class with Iberia and it is a consistently bad product. I have 1 more flight to go with them and will be happy to never, ever fly with them after that.

  21. As a spanish I am very disapointed about Iberia

  22. Very interesting flight. Just wondering if Iberia offered you another comp'd flight, or at LEAST some sort of apology or explanation. UN-believable…

  23. If they don't even clean, I wonder what else they don't bother to do.

  24. espanoles……..

  25. How true that is about the cancellations at Heathrow

  26. At least Iberia airplanes don't fall out of the sky, which is the most important part of a flight. Too much focus on what is unseen and not enough focus on what is seen.

  27. is no one gonna talk about the lotion and the tissue 💀

  28. After a flight like this, I would RUN to the shower 🤣

  29. Disgusting filthy cabin. You should show all the video to them and personally I’d expect a refund it’s just not acceptable!

  30. Yep sounds like a spanish airline

  31. what a waste of money

  32. The scariest thing is when you can actually see the problems. Makes you think about the things that you can't see

  33. What an embarrassment for Iberia. This was revolting.

  34. what happened at 6:13 tho? corrupted footage?

  35. I just started watching your videos. How did you get interested traveling around the world

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