Morrissey – World Peace is None of Your Business ALBUM REVIEW 2022

March 2, 2023


Morrissey’s latest album feels more ideological than it does musical. Which is fine, I guess, if all you care about is what Morrisey thinks.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


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  1. Music reviews are strange. Everyone has an opinion. But who’s right? I supposed music is like color… some like the color red some like blue some like green. But there’s no right or wrong color, there’s no best either. There’s only “I like”

  2. 2:57 sounds like king is dead by kendrick loool

  3. I was a fan for a while but it didn't take too long to realize that his music and outlook are basically negative. Yeah there's something there but the fumes are stifling.

  4. Moz stopped being good at the Quarry point. You got this review bob on.

  5. this dude was so grounded in 2014 wow

  6. Viva Hate. Bona Drag. Your Arsenal are pretty solid solo records. I disagree with you that he is Frank Sinatra minus the charisma. Homeboys quaff has its own twitter account!

  7. Fantano is a libtard who can't agree with anyone independent.

  8. What does flabby and winded even mean ?

  9. I love The Smiths but I wished Morrissey didn't start a solo career. The Smiths were clearly his peak, his solo stuff brings him down

  10. Reply
    ladron de sueños March 2, 2023 at 9:59 pm

    It was a great record ..

  11. Yeh the music Morrissey made closer to the Smiths was his best (Vauxhall and I, isn't this a wonderful album in so many ways?). Now the singing is boring, the music is boring, Morrissey is just moaning about stuff.

  12. WTF is that shirt

  13. fuck you fantano. the bullfighter dies is a FUCKEN BOP

  14. "Meat is murder" Is a meaningless statement.
    We have no reason to stop eating meat, just because some egoistical fuckwits believe It's "somehow" objectively immoral to eat it.
    Why should I care or value animal rights when I don't believe in animal rights?
    Why should I value animals the same as humans when I don't believe humans are the same as other animals? Humans are empirically more intelligent and are the at the top of the food chain.

    These are questions that animal right's activists/vegans fail to answer. The fact that they believe in this and imply that everyone SHOULD BE like them by DEFAULT or else they are ''immoral'', shows that they haven't took the time to think about concepts such a meta-ethics and metaphysics in general.

    There are no objective values and ethics are invented.
    Read J. L. Mackie and Fredrick Nietzsche

  15. I love his music, but Morrissey is an asshat

  16. I've been listening to Moz since his first solo record, and I think Anthony's review on this record is totally on-point (i don't even agree on all his reviews). This album has a few nice tracks. Overall, it was just a blah. That's Morrissey past Maladjusted, imo.

  17. Listen man, get over it, you are just not A Morrissey fan, get over it , One Word of advice , and this is really important for you.Stay positive, stop being a bitchy Queen, I know you probably fancy Morrissey, and the only impact you have on his life, is this negative ballshit and maybe he might notice you.but….. Please Please stop , we love Morrissey, you hate Morrissey, some people love football , I hate football, I do not spend my life making videos on YouTube about how much I hate football, I have better things to do with my life , For fuck‘s sake get a life…. This man is a one of genius that you don’t get, That’s fine, get over it. You are showing yourself up for the unintelligent spiteful queen you are .Pls. Stop it embarrassing.

  18. pls will you review The Queen is Dead

  19. the only decent band morrissey ever had (apart from the smiths obviously) was on his first album. hes made some realy good albums but the bands are always pretty boring. its a shame

  20. Earth is the lonliest planet is a trans gender song ,what a stupid review this is

  21. Wow, I forgot his videos didn't use to have nothing but meme comments

  22. Who writes this stuff?

  23. If you don't like Morrissey because his lyrics are "conceited" and "sanctimonious" then I'm afraid you've missed the point. He knows what he's doing. It's tongue in cheek. Just loosen up a bit.

  24. The Federal Reserve is a Jewish cartel.


  26. why is every top comment by a pleb

    "lol i never listened to the smiths"
    truly entry level

  27. Fan since '92. Love the man. This review is spot-on.

  28. The shittier the world gets Morrissey gets more and more bitter.
    I mean, there's no fucking joy no fucking charm in the world. Only belligerant fools. Left and right, the same shit.

  29. The smiths were fucking great though

  30. Panic has been stuck in my head for a week. Heeeellll…….

  31. I got this CD used for $2.00  So That was good.

  32. My first listen of the album was not a good one. Everything seemed so lacking in energy first time around. But after coming at it with a slower pace, I appreciated it more. Moz definitely has become more cold. Old Morrissey used to be an average person in a world of gloom whereas this one seems to embrace being cynical. I think the musicians do an amazing job in what is his most creative and well produced albums yet.

    I just wish he was less bitter about life, I wanna see a return to the Bona Drag Morrissey where he wasn't a know it all and was actually more frustrated. Less "This is the way the world is" and more "If this is the way the world is, then what about this?".

    He went from lines like "God come down if you're really there, well you're the one who claims to care!" to lines like "Each time you vote, you support the process", "We all lose", "Earth is the loneliest planet of all", "All the best ones are dead". He proclaims his opinions rather than poetically showing you his thought process. That's the difference between bad writing and shakespeare.

  33. Reply
    Belle Of Kilronan March 2, 2023 at 9:59 pm

    Istanbul, Smiler With Knife, Neal Cassady Drops Dead and the Title track are excellent and the whole album itself is a great return for Morrissey. His weakness has always been the production; he leaves the mechanics to other musicians who compose his work musically like before Alain Whyte and still Boz Boorer, so a person not familiar with Morrissey's work, or better yet has no connection to his significance in popular music, won't get what all the fuss is about. But I played that album out like nobody's business when I first got it.In my eyes, Morrissey has never lost his wit, passion and sensitivity overall. I'm not trying to refute this reviewer's opinion, just adding mine.


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