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June 30, 2023

In our morning review, we talk about NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg’s trip to Paris for talks with President Emmanuel Macron ahead of the alliance’s upcoming summit in Vilnius. We also comment on the tensions in Kosovo amid Serbian celebrations of St Vitus’ Day. Paul Thompson and Małgorzata Bonikowska were our guests.


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  1. NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
    Not what the interviee said.
    He said it wrong.

  2. 🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇦 Free the Ukrainians from ruzzian terror!!!

  3. I'm betting Putin deal was get out of Europe or fall out a window! We will see. I still got popcorn! Heroyem Slava!

  4. Reply
    Edward Daniels The Artisan June 30, 2023 at 3:38 pm

    Their objective is to conquer the world. Referring to the dragon and the beast, they make slaves out of everybody, I'm speaking prophecy.
    that is the word of God.

    I agree with the man who's in charge of nato he's doing a fantastic job.

  5. I look forward to this show and their unique exchange each morning. From Texas.

  6. Please god stop china,Russia and North Korean make bad decisions make them make good decisions and stop china thee most 🙏 🤞😢

  7. This woman who should be very affluent in public speaking was really annoying. She was constantly saying, "Um, Err, Mm, it was shocking to listen to her it was a real distraction to the message she was trying to convey.

  8. ❤🎉จัดระเบียบโลกใหม่ค่ะทหารที่รักของฉัน

  9. I love Sally. She seems to get interrupted a lot by her colleagues while presenting, but I think it is a result of her delivery. She should study Janucz for techniques. Please keep her around, we love watching TVP World in the US. Your news beats ours hands down.

  10. Sally, I just suggest you to decrease of using words "should of", I count many time your speech with "should of", don't be nervous. I always support you, by the way, your outfit's so beautiful and lightening❤

  11. Russia's insecurity for children

  12. Is that a Trump swoop?

  13. Hopefully, the conflict between Kosovo and Serb can be settled through negotiation under the table as soon as and to EU must be careful who knows Serb will be one of Russia's allies or Kosovo, they look like conflict but it's sham, cause Serb is Islam and Kosovo is communist, be careful too

  14. The mighty 🦟mosquito and another pandemic sounds about right. I live next to a pond, and they stare at me through the windows just waiting for me to go outside it's creepy be watched like that 😦I don't use my bug zapper because it's like a welding unit gone crazy and a big ol pile of bugs 💥 climate change

  15. These viruses will peak just prior to the 2024 elections in America forcing lockdowns and mail in ballots…just a guess

  16. Sally, why you call Mr. Putin? Do you think Putin deserve to call with Mr? Comon, don't call it again. Putin's evil of Russia, don't call him with Mr or directly his name, Putin like Sascha. Sascha is the best man. Good job Sascha👍

  17. Sally and Sascha, S&S, good afternoon🙏

  18. Good pair of talking heads today.

  19. Presidential Espionage collector coins are now available collect all 5 🪙😃 and support democracy

  20. No body can trust Putin, ( he’s a Biden type ) and if the leader of the Wagner group believes that a peace between them is agreed,he should by the Eiffel Tower from me.

  21. So instead of Ukraine being able to attack bases and warships that keep launching attacks on civilians the only hope for this to stop is the collapse of the Kremlin?
    War doctrine for decades has always been once an attack was launched the place of origin automatically became a target, yet this doesn't apply to this conflict?
    It's so confusing and don't seem right, something seems off with a bunch of things. I do get part of it; how Russia influence is rampant in many western politics but as many ally countries there are, some should be willing to step-up and speak out to stop this.

  22. Thank you tvp ✊🫡

  23. ❤️ TVP

  24. I'd like to see Russia blown off the planet.
    Hungary and Turkey should be massively sanctioned and thrown out of the EU and NATO.

  25. The Russian soldiers, especially Wagner, need to surrender to Ukraine. If not they will perish.

  26. Somebody somewhere has got to get rid of Putin. He will not stop.

  27. First

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