Mobius FF: New jobs review, April Calender & Multiplayer reviews

December 31, 2022
  1. For those who are struggling on deepest grief in choas vortex I took the heritic and mythic sage. Wepons were the dragvile and eternity staff. maintaining wall, barrier and haste/(yasha-slow)slowing Gilgamesh I was able to ultimate with knight cursing Gilgamesh did some damage with Mage. Lasted a turn with Mage to get into knight to tank 2nd half of life. And on break set up straight to Mage ultimate to less than Quarter gilgas health and spammed prismatic draw with dissidia lightening. So buzzing to finally beat it with no good single target focus attack.

  2. Hey Lotus – completely agree with you on the money – I've been playing this game for a couple of months and I've not paid anything at all yet.

    The start was awful – I used my first 12 summon cards on job draws… and got Warrior and Ranger. Things improved a fair bit after that – I've picked up Soldier: 1st Class, Ace Striker, Dancer, Aerith, Knights of the Round, Bahamut ZERO, Barret, Biggs, Prompto and Aranea, and I've managed to grind Poseidon up to 5* with L10 Ability. Sure, there are some holes in my game – the only mage I have is the starting one, and I don't have a job that can use my Barret and Bahamut ZERO cards, but I'm playing for free and having a great time!

    Also, as the father of a 1 month old that needs to be carried around a lot, the auto battle system is amazing – I can parent and game at the same time! 🙂

  3. gave it a thumbs up when you said a disappointing month lol really is though smh

  4. Good to have you back Lotus keep it up 👌

  5. hi lotus moon liked your vid! and can I ask for a favor? since that you will be playing multi player for a while! can I join you?

  6. hi i just starting to play english version from steam .. and can you tell me where can i get summoning tickets and magicite?

  7. Play Jpn version no need to wait to get all the goodies.. spend you will get Legend Job & OP Cards

  8. Google Translate…Rainbow erection? O.o

  9. wooo I was rocking the same class today ^^

  10. the knight job is worth for new players or paladin/hieratic is better?

  11. Was looking forward to this video lol its cool

  12. Great review I rolled the job in 2 rolls however my aim was for the ffrk bullshit I missed from the start I played the game. Anyways I'm finding it a fun job for all I dislike the role of a defender in 3star battles I have been able to save newer player and combined with a taunt and 16k HP I'm able to fight off 3star but as of 4star I prefer solider 1st class all the way. Especially against Odin using dissidia cloud (cross slash) so much more fun being offensive than defensive.

  13. Finally a new Lotus Moon video! 😀

  14. I got the Ignis card for Tidus on my other account but I always thought Sagefire would go well with a Sage Job like Mythic Sage(also the names are similar), and by your stats it looks like I was right and it's true power can only be release by a Sage making it the ultimate fire magic against water elements.

  15. Good to hear from you again Lotus.

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