Minimum alcohol price: BBC News Review 2022

June 21, 2022

A minimum unit price for alcohol has come into force in Scotland.

The Scottish government believes it will reduce the harm caused by excessive drinking – leading to fewer hospital admissions and alcohol-related deaths.

alcoholic drink
• It was difficult to get up today. There was a lot of booze at last night’s party.
• Too much boozing can lead to serious health problems

calls time on
announces the end of an activity
• Neil’s called time on using the internet. He’s had enough of it.
• Environmentalists say we have to call time on fossil fuels.

day of reckoning
a time when you have to deal with a past mistake
• Catherine had a day of reckoning with her garden after the weeds started to take over.
• Some people say social media’s day of reckoning will happen soon.


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  1. I have to call time on staying up late every night because it's affecting my work performance.

    I haven't boozed since February.

  2. Reply
    Charlies Angel Tarot June 21, 2022 at 10:50 am

    I wish bbc would have a live session or channel on you tube to let fustrated viewers air their questions. I have one question that you might be interested in and doing an actual program on it. Why does BBC not have any Disclaimers before a certain Series or programs if they can be harmful to ones health or surroundings. Like take Eastenders, That is a program that handles difficult and dangerous issues in our community like drugs, wife bashing, why don't they show man bashing by wifes? Also at the moment they are handling homosexuality, Ben & Callum. Does the BBC not realise that playing such a character is dangerous for acteurs? As some people lose it as they belief that the acteur is actually really doing this in their private live as well. Some people can not keep the unreal separate from the real as it seams so real. have a look on you tube,insta and other medias. The discussions about Ben & Callum and Gray!for example. I think this would really be a great topic, as everyone else has to have disclaimers on their website i don't see BBC doing this in any sense of the word.

  3. Amazing as usual..

  4. You are a great team without a shadow of doubt. It’s a pleasure listening to you and learning English in the same time. My best wishes to you in 2019!!!

  5. Does Rob really steal biscuits?

  6. I always call time on my English exams because it can affect my work future.

    I boozled with my brother yesterday.

  7. Hello BBC LEARNING ENGLISH TEAM. Thanks for all you can do, your activities are very interesting, didact and of course funny.

  8. I love the way of teaching

  9. Reply
    Thị Trúc Phượng Hồ June 21, 2022 at 10:50 am

    i learn much from your videos!

  10. Reply
    Victor Noel Cory Paz June 21, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Loved it, more please!

  11. Favorite programme!

  12. It is so interneting for"booze" that I can know how to use appropriately

  13. This is my favourite programme! You made it possible for us to learn words and phrases effortlessly. I learnt not only the meaning of the words but also how to use them. Thank you so much.

  14. What wonderful two teachers.
    Thank you for teaching me.

  15. can't wait for the next episode

  16. Thanks to your marvellous words my ability of writing an essay is getting better and better.Thank you again.

  17. Very useful

  18. although I am a fresher I am very comfortable with your classes and your two are awesome … keep going thank you

  19. Amazing as usual!!! Would we have 2 of News Review this week? 🙏🏻 😍 best program ever on this channel!!!

  20. Waiting for this every Tuesday

  21. I really love the voices of BBC''s hosts. I hope BBC News Review has subtitle in every video! Many thanks

  22. Thank you for your effort, very useful! I'm regularly listening to your programmes while traveling at work.

  23. I can't be thankful enough

  24. Knowledgeable and interesting vocabulary

  25. Thinks for that interesting topic and new vocabulary.

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