MiG-29 In War Thunder : A Detailed Review 2022

December 23, 2022

Flying out the MiG-29 in War Thunder, added with the Apex Predators update. This review looks at its sensors, weapons, helmet mounted targeting system, flight performance, and combat tactics.

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00:00 Intro & History
03:23 Systems & Weapons
06:03 Helmet Mounted Display
08:17 Flight Performance
10:34 Combat Tactics
13:04 Miscellaneous
14:35 Conclusions

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  1. To those who commented asking about the Cobra Maneuver, or other supermaneuverable features, the Mig-29 IRL can only perform those after disabling a safety feature on the flight computer (a switch). This isn't represented in the game in any way, at least not yet, so for now – no such luck.

  2. Russian trash, fuck that.

  3. Have you checked out the HMCS on the F-4J yet? Slick stuff, even if its mounted on a 'worse' airframe than the Mig-29.

  4. @Tim Variety, I don’t agree with you regarding the mig 29 being a competitive jet, few days ago , the devs released a report stating the fact that, the 29 is performing way worse than the f16, so I do not agree with you regarding the 29 as it can’t BVR and can’t BVM.

  5. Where are the PL-8 for my glorious J-8B, Gaijooble ?

  6. What im missing in SIM is some kind of IFF. Most of players ignore ''Attention to the map, Follow me'' and just keep flying. There is almost no way to identify a plane if you are not dangerously close enough most of the time. At least make your mates appear on the map as blue dots. That would solve 90% of teamkills. Just got banned because of it. 4 kills total. 2 because of my lack of skill, 3rd because my teammate ignored any kind of communication whatsoever and the last… Well whole team is Soviet, But we have a damn sabre as AI. Wrong identification from my side. But why can't it be a MIG-15 or something. Mode really lacks some kind of sharpness, just seems like they don't care about it. Im not a good sim player, but definitely not only one that thinks it need some kind of rework. Have a nice day.

  7. No Schräge Musik on the plane, 9/10.

  8. How do you know it is Mig 29S? 9-13 means that it has fat back. Mig 29A also had 9-13 versions.

  9. its suck, mig 29 in dcs is better

  10. Damn, all these features make it so that I’m fucked when I get it, console controllers limit my inputs so im gonna be lacking.😢

  11. A tip
    To make it eat less fuel
    Use first stage afterburner instead of second stage
    You won't accelerate above mach 1.10 anytime soon but it won't eat your entire fuel load

  12. Can we see a review on the F-16 soon?

  13. I stop playing wt on tier 4.. it's a good game but mmorpg is just more of my style

  14. It's difficult stock grinding this

  15. Independent analysts have confirmed, through photo and video evidence, the destruction of 184 Russian aircraft. The Ukrainians have captured another 73 aircraft from the Russians for a total of 257 confirmed Russian losses.Nov 7, 2022 So much for russian planes hahaha! USA USA USA 1776 🙂

  16. 11:10 jesus that was close lol

  17. Schrage Musik unlocks its full potential

  18. After Ukraine will get JDAM, will be Fun to get Update lol

  19. the radar also feels worse then the MLDs it can struggle a 3km nose on lock at the guy coming at me

  20. Plane destroyed by cried out loud us mains and influencers.

  21. Good review as always, but this is probably the first time i have had a radically different experience with a plane than you have.

    I spaded it and i have not had a good time with it. It has great potential, the flight performance is amazing and should get better if the snail decides to fix it's flight model, BUT it's missiles are just so unreliable that flying it is an exercise in frustration.

    The R60m's are a known quantity, they are good at sniping unaware players and not much else, the way they love to chase flares is almost comical at this point. What is not so funny is that the r-27T perform barely better when it comes to flare resistance. No need to drop afterburner or do much maneuvering, just drop flares and the missile is most likely gonna miss.

    I'm having more success with the R-27R but barely…. The problem is the Mig's radar is rather hard to get working correctly. The ACM will refuse to lock to anything you point it at, for me it consistently locks to things well outside the indicated search area. Even if you do get a lock it seems to randomly lose it way more often than for example the MLD.

    I think most of my frustration comes from the fact you only get 2 of the "good missiles", so when they fail to perform it's all more annoying.

    Long story short, i'm probably gonna stick with the f-14 until they update something on the Mig

  22. I love these reviews for how objective it is!

  23. Can you do a vid about key binds please

  24. Want this one so badly, but sonfar away in the soviet tree. Wish Germany had one this patch…

  25. No one going to talk about the missile that almost hits him at 11:09? 😅

  26. Great video! do you mind checking out my short Mig29 clip?

  27. You need to work on the noise of your microphone

  28. Wow so great review that I have subscribed. Great job.

  29. As I was thinking, this doesnt really shift the meta. Mig29 should have been introduced together with the f-14, that still remains the most capable aircraft in the american tech tree and arguably in the game. But now at least it has several worthy opponents. I'd like to see also france and sweden get better BVR missiles in the future to stop the gap between them and the usa.

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