Metal: Hellsinger Review 2022

September 27, 2022

Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PC. Also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

“Metal: Hellsinger is an enjoyably rhythmic riff on the metal-propelled mayhem of modern Doom, but its short length and modest variety in weapons and boss fights means it feels more like an energetic but unfinished collection of garage demos than a fully fleshed-out album. Hellraising high score-chasers will no doubt get the most mileage out of replaying the eight story missions, but it falls short of id Software’s heavy metal masterpiece when it comes to providing a truly meaty first-person shooter campaign, and the absence of any other major modes or multiplayer makes it feel a bit on the slim side when compared to similarly priced games. As a result, Metal: Hellsinger might not be the greatest demon-slaying shoot ’em up in the world, but it’s certainly a stirring tribute.”

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  1. Just shut up IGN. Clearly they dont get the point of the game.

  2. You are not even pronouncing the name correctly

  3. I’ve never heard death metal described as Cookie Monster. Hilarious.

  4. "Its not Doom Eternal." He gave it a 7/10. Saved you the time.

  5. It was a solid first game and I'm hoping there's more music genre variety in the next installment. The songs were great but they do get tiresome to hear when you replay levels (except the final boss track).

  6. you shouldve compared the game more to BPM, since they're both rhythm fps games instead of doom eternal tbh

  7. Graphics and soundtrack is ok, but the idea of killing demons to beats and rhythm doesn't go well and makes it far too unfair. 2 out of 10

  8. LOL, the sigils do change the play style significantly.
    Skull is not a wealon, it is ony to keep the beat going down from max, and you toggle between it and current weapon with a single button
    Game has second deep when it comes for playing in style, keeping the metal going, its not about only the completion.
    You will spend lots of hours, revisiting records (levels) and running trough them with upgraded sigils and new weapon loadouts. It's a lot of fun for maxing score and speedruning.

  9. "Mum can we get doom eternal"
    "No we have doom eternal at home"
    Doom eternal at home:

  10. Started playing this tonight and had a blast! As a huge metalhead and gamer, this was a fun combination! Though a very hard game, its impossible not to have fun and headbang 🤘

  11. Have game journalists just lost the passion for games? Did he even say one positive thing about the game? The takes on this game in this video feel less informed than people who actually believe Carole Baskins didn't stash her husband's body in a tiger's stomach.

  12. Reminds me of BPM

  13. This dudes favorite band is Muse

  14. Cause ain't Call of Duty low score is a trademark for IGN

  15. Played the demo a few months ago, thought it was fun. Just bought Diablo 2 Resurrected as its on sale, have to pass on this. Maybe next month I'll get this

  16. Review paired with a 90 year old playing the game… not quite as bad as when ciphers came out but like come on, dude didn’t jump a single timw

  17. Loved the Tenacious D reference at the very end, sneaky!

  18. This game says "future ps plus game " all over it


    This game is a masterpiece of its own.

  20. What similarly priced game gives you this much interactive headbanging content? A 4 hour cat game?

  21. Liking for Metal Hellsinger, not the review

  22. This is giving me DOOM vibes.

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