Menzgold Saga – Joy Business Review (31-12-18) 2022

October 22, 2022
  1. It was a ponzi scheme not a pyramid scheme

  2. The presenter talks too much abaaa he should allow his panelist flow to give us more indebt analysis rather being shoddy interjectory

  3. How is a Nigerian on nationwide tv commenting on Serious Ghanaian issues? Or I’m wrong or this is your own “akrob3to” commentary?

  4. Why do Nigerians talk like they have cold or there is something sitting in their throat?

  5. It's very low thinking to be calling people greed for investing their funds in a scheme they believe. What is 120% per annum. Please discuss your issue without calling people names for investing their own funds not stolen funds from government

  6. basic ponzi , pyramid scheme duhh!

  7. It’s not greed, I don’t agree with menzgold but u can invest in other business and make 10 percent

  8. This greed thing annoys me. Who goes to the bank or investment firms and asks for the lowest percentage? People out of desperation from the corruption in the country saw a saviour in this scheme. I don’t blame them at all. It is high time we started educating ppl on investments and apply rules and regulations as stringently as written. Please stop jumping to conclusions of greed. if our leaders were serving as well people would not have done so. Bank of ghana should have elaborately dissected this issue to the commoner for them to make informed decisions

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