Meghan Markle's New Podcast Episode Breaking Down the Bimbo Review! #meghanmarkle #archetypes 2022

October 21, 2022

Meghan Markle’s New Podcast Episode Breaking Down the Bimbo Review! Meghan Markle releases her newest episode of her Archetype’s podcast Breaking Down the Bimbo with Paris Hilton.SUPPORT MY CHANNEL…



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  1. So what do you think of Markle's she was the "smart one" claim and that she was treated like a Bimbo on Deal or No Deal?

  2. You’re right. The whole episode was a complete contradiction. “Bimbo“ was not a stereotype that “held Paris back“. It was what propelled her to stardom. She used it for that purpose quite intentionally.

  3. In the 90s all the actors and actresses had to look and be a certain way thin and beautiful that's what people wanted Studios too I remember looking at these actresses thinking I want that body or hair you never got to see behind the scenes where they had trainer's pushing them or the stories or eating disorders that almost killed actors now we have actors of different types colors popping up take Reble Wilson for example she used to be fat and dumb now she healthy and?

  4. TW is obviously NOT the smart one, as she keeps digging holes and falling in them head first!

  5. You absolutely hit the nail on the head, there's no way she would have walked away from a gig that paid $800 per episode, no chance, something happened and it makes more sense she got fired for her attitude or sucking up to the star , so many lies and half truths, smoke and mirrors, nothing is ever straight forward or upfront with this woman, Paris Hilton is a star, she's internationally famous for the last 20 years or more, her name is huge and will be forever, no comparison .

  6. She's an amoeba.

  7. Her uncle got her the job and she only had it for 6 weeks, guess she wasn't smart enough to keep it.

  8. So on her own podcast she can't add her own story! If not on her podcast where else. You haters are funny now with your hate

  9. Reply
    Yesterday's Tomorrow October 21, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    She probably doesn't watch TV because she is too absorbed with reading about herself on social media.

  10. Maggot is truly a dumb brunette. If she didn't try soooo hard to rewrite her background, no one would be researching her background and presenting evidence to proof her wrong! The more she lies and tries to rewrite history, the more she is exposed!!! Good job Maggot! Keep up the good lies!

  11. she is not even in the same league as Dolly!

  12. Ooooh, I think we should be more understanding towards “Ma-kel”.

    It’s pretty certain that after scrubbing 16 toilets, anyone would be so tired.

  13. Poor MM doesn't have the depth to understand the irony of who she is.

  14. I think MeAgain is stuck in a time warp!! She keeps bringing up terms no one has used for decades🤔😂

  15. What happened to her fact checker? Did she already quit?

  16. Reply
    Suz (Tjembija) Watson October 21, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    Me-again, bimbo or brains? Neither. Shes a pair of legs that open and close as much as Walmarts front door.

  17. That's offensive to the girls who worked at Deal or no Deal and didn't have a rich father to pay for their education so they could have had more choices or just enjoyed working there.
    It wasn't her brains that got her that internship, it was her uncle and she didn't stay because she failed the exam.I find it disgusting that she never acknowledges her father and uncle.
    Anyway, later she was flipping burgers… and doing sex scenes in Suits, but in a non objectification way, of course. At least she had her clothes on in Deal or no Deal.

  18. Ratchet Rachel Ragland is so jealous of all her guests that she intentionally “mocks” them!!!

  19. Ratchet Rachel Ragland was the basement hussy on a Suits! Is that an Arse-wipe!

  20. Ratchet Rachel Ragland was fired from The Game show for flirting with Howie Mandel! Shame on you Ratchet Rachel Ragland! Unfortunately, you couldn’t social climb by using Howie!

  21. Bimbo or Brains?? No Bully will always stick with me!!

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    The explorer Archie October 21, 2022 at 9:42 pm


  23. Isn't mememe the matrass actress, bet she wore less there than on deal or no deal.

  24. I think I've seen enough of Meghan Markle's bad acting, so I asked myself "why the hell couldn't she looked convincing with her acting scenes?". Then it twigged. It's her damn eyes! The mouth and teeth are out, laughing and supposedly excited. But her eyes aren't laughing with her! They're dead! Same as her all other acts- dead eyes! Ditto with her attempts to looked sultry and sexy in the Cut magazine. She only succeeded in looking like a predator shark!

  25. Mm you are a big Bimbo

  26. Why would a woman who identifies as BLACK, need a spray tan.!
    Have seen and heard nothing yet,from mattress, to suggest she has even 1 brain cell. ☺

  27. The gift that never stops giving!!! One needs to be grateful to me-gains gifting, invariably all about herself!! The misrepresentations are off the scales, a terrible case of inferiority complex!! Great that all these pictures and records of her infamous past are there and the facts never lie!! The truth about her is revealed each time she goes on a diatribe!! Sorry for Harry, if only he listened to his grandfather and brother!! Either way, he now is toast and she is smiling all the way to and from the bank!

  28. Markle absolutely has no substance. She has the world's stage yet oddly and ironically nothing of interest to do or say from it. She's so shallow,she's two dimensional. A caricature not an archetype is Meghan.

  29. If she was really smart , she wouldn’t have married Harry!

  30. The only thing she learned from Deal or no Deal was how to better show her bust everywhere she goes. And yes, she stuffed on the show. Clearly. With glee.

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    Victoria Churchyard October 21, 2022 at 9:42 pm


  32. If she was a “serious” personality she would have stuck to her studies and chosen a different task than a “let’s pretend profession”.

  33. Sorry Royal Daily Tea . . . I don't believe that she has children, and more people are asking the question, "Where are they"?

  34. Meghan speaks out of both sides of her mouth. How can she complain about being objectified in Deal or No Deal due to her looks, false eyelashes, spray tan, hair extensions and then pose for a Variety photo/ video shoot wearing expensive clothes, false eyelashes, hair extensions, and spray tan?

  35. Manson n Monroe were very successful. I think Monroe had real depth as a person. Probably why she was so fragile and often unhappy n lonely. Frankly I didn't even listen to Archetypes. Thank you for taking one for the team…🥰💐jan

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