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April 2, 2023

The 2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno looks and feels like more than a mere facelift. The design has been comprehensively updated, the design, fit and finish of the interior has been upgraded and there are some segment-first, well-designed features added too. Most interestingly, the smooth CVT automatic of the older car has been ditched in favour of a more economical AMT – does that take away from the premium feel Maruti had infused into this new Baleno? Sagar finds out.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno 2022 on-road price –

Maruti Suzuki Baleno 2022 vs Baleno 2019 –

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS review –

00:00 Introduction
01:27 New exterior design – Introduction
01:45 LED DRLs
01:58 Shoulder line
02:15 LED taillights
02:26 16-inch alloy wheels
02:31 Rear design
02:35 Exterior design overview
02:48 New interior design – Introduction
02:59 Floating touchscreen infotainment system
03:03 New steering wheel design
03:11 New interior upholstery colour
03:20 Blue interior colour
03:41 Interior fit and finish
03:48 Centre A/C vents and toggle controls
03:56 Updated instrument cluster
04:06 Front seats
04:33 Rear seat space and comfort
04:55 New rear A/C vents
05:00 No rear centre armrest
05:23 Features – Introduction
05:32 New head-up display
05:42 New 360-degree parking camera with an interactive display
05:52 New SmarPlay Pro+ infotainment system
06:24 New ARKAMYS surround sound system
06:30 New rear A/C vents
06:32 Sliding front centre armrest with storage
06:34 Cruise control
06:35 LED fog lamps
06:36 Auto-dimming IRVM
06:37 USB charging ports
06:41 Missing features
06:51 Safety features
07:11 Crash test
07:27 1.2 DualJet engine and AMT review – Introduction
07:58 AMT vs CVT
09:26 New 1.2-litre DualJet, dual-VVT K-series petrol engine
09:47 It is heavier
10:01 New suspension review
10:08 Steering review
10:11 Bigger front disc brakes
10:14 Ride and handling review
10:28 Review conclusion
10:48 AMT vs CVT variants price
11:11 Price
11:22 Price vs competition
11:28 Conclusion
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11:43 Up Next

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  1. The Baleno has been comprehensively updated, what else should Maruti do to make it more appealing? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. AMT is the worst !! I have CVT. When i tried this one it was terrific. Not smooth at all.

  3. I am waiting for ur comparison video

  4. Just Booked my Luxe Beige Baleno Alpha Manual today…90 days waiting….anyways wish me luck … first ever car….but i also love i20….both are fab cars….and right now, the prices between baleno and i20 are almost identical….

    infact if you ask me, i20 is more VFM….for same price it is giving you a bigger touchscreen, Bose Sound system compared to Arkamys….a sunroof…..yes Baleno has a 360 cam and a HUD..but I would prefer the feature list of i20….

    it's just that where I live the maruti network is much stronger and the workshop and this dealership is next door and also a friend of mine had an i20 elite and she told me her ownership experience was subpar in terms of reliability of the car…so i choose baleno…and also in this Luxe Beige colour, the Baleno just looks top notch..even better than i20 imho….

    but of course looks are subjective….I agree with most of your points..I test road both of them for over 10 kms…multiple times….before making a choice…the tractability of baleno's engine is much better than i20…in terms of Naturally Aspirated options…i20 does have better high speed stability and brakes…but in terms of space, i20 is more spacious, sure the boot is a little smaller, but the rear seat space is unmatched, even putting some sub compact SUVs to shame…

    i20 also has a lot of creature comforts such as wireless charger, air purifier and the list goes on….Baleno does have slightly better seats…

    it's almost inseparable, like king kong vs godzilla….

    anyways both are fantastic cars, anyone will be happy with either…and both are evenly priced as well with good dealer/service network and very acceptable ownership costs…i20 was released in 2019, maybe it is due for a minor update…

  5. Reply
    Mohammed Wasiuddin April 2, 2023 at 8:34 pm

    They should have given other automatic options.

  6. Reply
    Rahul Bharadwaj H M April 2, 2023 at 8:34 pm

    Bro Waiting Period For Baleno Alpha 2022 Model

  7. I never drived a Automatic, can you please help me to take decision.. does baleno Amt runs good on highway amd overtaking and hill ghats. Also if we put on manual mode is is perform like normal manual car with cluth.

  8. Everything else is good but they are not dispatching AGS for a month now. Some production issue but no information

  9. baleno i20 and altroz which u would prefer.. 2nd how much build quality improved than earlier one.. 3rd is its build quality u think will get 3 star or less( more than it i know it cant)

  10. which is best MT or AMT sir

  11. On road Price please.. also I am confused if I should go for i10 Nios sports Amt or Baleno Delta amt.. please advice

  12. Pls share a comparison video of I20 and 2022 baleno

  13. I am confused between Baleno alpha and altroz xz+, kindly help me out…

  14. Baleno base or punch adventure which one is better for family use

  15. Does have cruise control?

  16. Which one is your recommended translation for new Baleno AMT or manual?

  17. One of the best reviews of New Age Baleno

  18. Baleno AGS or PUNCH AMT…which has less lag and more smooth gear shift?

  19. horrible review – total nonsense – most important aspect is AMT and very little was spoken about it.. I was specifically looking for an exclusive review of Baleno Delta AMT – you reviewed Alpha model and you were talking about the price – I think people who buy Alpha hardly care about the price

  20. Suspension better than i20 ?

  21. The new Baleno looks stunning and the road presence looks amazing as well. What is disappointing is that the CVT has been replaced by AGS ..which in my opinion is inferior when compared with CVT or a traditional torque converter. I had a terrible experience with Celerio AMT and finally had to discard the car and go in for a Hyundai i10 AT. Maruti should rething it's decision to introduce AGS on Baleno when it has categorised Baleno as a premium hatch back.

  22. Presenter is quite through and insightful! Thank you for the excellent review!! Cheers from Bengaluru.


  24. What is the realistic mileage of new Baleno MT city & highway?

  25. Waiting for this review.

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