Mark Kermode reviews Steve Jobs 2022

May 18, 2022

Mark Kermode reviews Steve Jobs. Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin take us behind the scenes of the digital revolution, with a glimpse into the life and relationships of Steve Jobs. The story takes place backstage at three iconic product launches, ending with the launch of the iMac in 1998.

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  1. Best film!

  2. If Jobs was anything like the character, he was an egocentric inconsiderate man who had a few ideas in a Northern California garage.

  3. Setting the drama in the run-up to each product launch adds authenticity. Everyone knows how dysfunctional families and relationships become even more dramatic and pronounced in pressure situations.

  4. There's a certain wondering in my mind when I find a great movie, that you can say that you didn't get it or something like that, but you can't deny what was doing Fassbender on the screen you can't deny captivating dialogs. And keep wondering where does these human beings keep coming out from saying it was a boring movie? Is it a way of having a strong opinion when you feel uncomfortable stating that you couldn't understand it?

  5. The most underrated film in recent years imo

  6. It's a brilliant film and that was a surprise for me. Jobs comes across as ultimately tragic and but gifted, which was fascinating.

  7. The structure sounds kinda like West Wing, focusing on the behind the scenes.

  8. Did it not do well because it made us feel guilty about buying apple products?

  9. From that clip, Seth Rogan cannot do Sorkin dialogue.

  10. The actress Katherine Watson who plays his astranged wife is also in the new Alien film with Fassbender

  11. Reply
    Sebastian Rodriguez May 18, 2022 at 4:26 am

    what a fantastic movie

  12. If you look at the world wide gross for this film and the other Steve Jobs movie that came out a while back (simply titled "Jobs") then you'll see they made about the same amount of money. This one just had a higher production budget.

    I think from this we can conclude that no matter the quality of the film, people just aren't that interested in going to the cinema to see a movie about Steve Jobs.

  13. the first hour of this movie was riveting, felt it sort of lost a step after that. Fassbender was fantastic and Winslet was as phenomenal as always

  14. It's because we don't want to see ANOTHER Steve Jobs movie!

  15. Agree with Mark 100%, i was surprised by how much i liked this film. The father-daughter story overall had a lot of heart.

  16. I really really enjoyed the film. Less a study of Steve Jobs life but more a study of his character.

  17. TV movie… anti-cinematic… nice in that verbose sorkin west-wing way, but still very TV.
    Social network is much more cinematic even though it is verbose and written by sorkin. Fincher was better at translating Sorkin to the large screen.

  18. Dear Mark,

    When was the last time you tore a film apart, sir?

    Yours Truly,

    A concerned fan.

  19. I really liked this….. It's not The Social Network [which is perfect in my opinion] but it's got some great stuff in it, the performances are fantastic. The best thing about it is that it actually feels much harsher in terms of the unlike-ability of the main character & the direction is very much in Danny Boyle's wheelhouse of whom I'm a big fan.

    For me, the problem with the film is that whereas in The Social Network you actually got the impact of the betrayal and see it play out, in Steve Jobs you only get news reporting of how Wozniak was treated. I understand that it's much more centered around Steve Jobs [clue's in the title ha] than The Social Network was around Zuckerburg [and I really liked the fact that it's not simply a retread of the structure of The Social Network] but I would've liked more of Wozniak.

    Overall I thought it was a great film….I guess I just liked the supporting performances so much that I wanted more of them.


  20. die hard's baby momma's bf did better

  21. Did they have his Syrian Dad Abdul Fattah Jandali cameo in it? It of been nice if they did.

  22. The long winded review bored me enough to not bother.

  23. Another film about jobs!! when will people get over him?

  24. Love how he referenced Shallow Grave, that is an amazing film which I wish got more praise.

  25. Cant wait for the next Steve Jobs movie..sorry dont care about steve jobs theres already been a movie or TV…i dont care.

  26. Really thrown off by Fassbenders performance and i love the guy, decent movie overall.

  27. whut abort ashten cotcher?

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