March 2022 review | Major improvements to the allotment, big jobs ticked off the list! #22 reviews

June 22, 2022

Let’s take a look back at what happened on the allotment plots in March 2022. 3 major jobs just on plot 12, plus lots of nice little things!

Watch to the end for some funny bloopers.

The next video will be a full allotment tour of plot 12.


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We’re Kane, Sergio and Poppy the dog, working on two full-sized allotment plots here in St Albans in the UK. We visit the plot almost every day and have many plans for the future.

We have a large plot liable to regular flooding and a smaller plot to work on while it’s flooded which was previously held by one of the founding members of the site’s allotment association.

We try to grow with the no dig method when we can, and we make our own home made compost.

We’re known for working quickly and making impactful changes, but we never pretend to be experts so this channel is purely for documenting our progress and sharing what works – and what doesn’t – for us.

We hope you will enjoy following our allotment journey as we learn, document and share our progress. Whether you’re a beginner allotment starting out on your new allotment garden, a seasoned allotmenteer, backyard gardener or managing a homestead, we hope you find our videos useful or interesting in some way.



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– Filmed on iPhone 13 Pro Max.
– Audio recorded on Rode Wireless Go II paired with a Rode Lavalier Go.
– Tripod used is an Arca Swiss Smallrig tabletop.



– Edited in and exported from Final Cut Pro.
– Custom transitions are created in Motion.



00:00 – Introduction
01:28 – Indoor growing
03:38 – Plot 12
08:35 – Plot 79
15:22 – Wrapping up
17:38 – Bloopers

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  1. I just found your channel and am really enjoying your videos!

  2. Really inspirational for a new vegetable gardener. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and beautiful plots.

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