Managing Online Business Review Sites 2022

June 2, 2022

There are so many review sites for businesses that you may be confused as to what ones you should have your business listed on. It might also be a challenge to know how to handle all those reviews.

If you have spent anytime looking at Google Reviews or Yelp you know that they can help make a business or if the owner is not paying attention, they could hurt a business.

In this video we have Michelle Hoglan, of Top Hat Creative Marketing LLC, talking about citation sites and how to manage them for your business (or your clients business).

Timestamps –

0:40 Why are online business reviews important?

Michelle references a statistic by Bright Local that says 92% of local consumers read online reviews!
Reference Link –

1:18 What review sites should your business be listed on?

Watch for review sites that are for certain types of business such as travel, dental, medical…

3:16 How could it effect your business if you are not using citation/review sites?

How can Google star rating effect your business?

4:11 What is the difference between a business listing and a review site listing?

How many different online business listing sites are there?

Do you have to submit to all the business listing site yourself?

5:50 How can a business use the review an listing sites to their advantage and bring in more customers?

6:59 What review sites should a business start with setting up?

Is there any review sites that is a must have for your local business?

How do you start getting people to review your business?

8:10 How should a business handle negative online reviews?

9:08 How does a business manage so many review sites?

Do people notice if all your reviews are older?

#1 Tip – Google Yourself (or your business).

Use Google Alerts to watch for mentions of your business.

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  1. Its been 5 years now since the video posted, it is very unfortunate that it has only 157 views .
    Thanks lane and Michelle for providing such a great information .

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