MAINET REVIEW: Is legit or a scam? 2022

February 24, 2023 review

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  1. As you asked, my response is: It is another scam. Wake up early and work honestly is the key to a healthy and happy life

  2. 🚨To answer the question of the distribution of funds among Mainet's partner brokers, here is the official answer from Mainet:

    30% of the funds are with CAWADA
    40% at VT Markets
    30% spread over other brokers, in particular RoboForex, with whom the company plans to deposit more funds in the near future.

  3. Sir please review on Neumann

  4. Sir please review on Neumann

  5. Sir please review on Neumann

  6. They are doing real trading. MAINET has a Myfxbook. MAINET doest not give 0.75%,it actually 0.5% from monday to friday but can go upto 0.75%. Allthe figure they give is themost you can gain.Try to attend to zoom you will understand.

  7. They can't keep up with such APY. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE 🚫.

  8. Reply
    Jean Faustin Louembe February 24, 2023 at 8:02 pm

    Thank you

  9. Please sir whot about Pandora

  10. Thanks sir for everything πŸ™ what about ( share energy ) pls tell us something about it πŸ™

  11. Thanks for boss. Please can you do review on QZ Asset Mgt, 7doge, Tecmactrade, Masternoded. Thank you

  12. Am new in these things am scamed by BLQ

  13. Good morning my brother, omegapro migrated his investors to another site where they will get paid in no distance time.

  14. Good morning Mrs victor

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