MAGUIRE, MARTIAL, KOVAČIĆ! Manchester United Transfer News Review reviews

October 25, 2022

The latest on Harry Maguire to Manchester United, Anthony Martial, Mateo Kovačić and plenty more! Time for the MAN UTD TRANSFER NEWS REVIEW! Will any of these rumours happen? Comment to have your say!

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  1. Is pogba going to Barcelona…..🤔

  2. Welcome to Fc Bayern München Anthony Martial

  3. where to get that jersey, the one dave is wearing

  4. The market is inflated. Over paying isn't a problem if it helps pick up points. There will be 0 more transfers if we haggle over price.

  5. sign Jose Gimenez the best young CB in the world he's worth 60m he is better than all our defense put together

  6. Why is everyone being so negative about pre season and the transfer window, I understand that they haven’t been ideal but we’re missing a lot of players and trying some small tactical changes out like dropping Pereira between the two CBS when we have the ball to help with build up play. And in terms of transfers we’ve signed a fantastic young defender and a decent midfielder and were still looking at other additions. I know it hasn’t been a perfect window but I’ve seen people saying we’ll be lucky to finish top 6 which is absolute bullshit

  7. No plz don't buy McGuire. Sign Alderwiereld, a proven defender

  8. Your doing transfer review when we have nothing to review we've signed no fucker and don't mention Fred and dalot ffs and Deffinetly dont mention grant

  9. Nope, not this guy.

  10. If we don't get a left back, Shaw needs to take this chance. Young as cover and dalot can also play there. I'll be dissapointed if we can't get a left back but if Shaw has a good run this just might be the best outcome. He's done decent in pre-season so far.

  11. bale … i just want bale … fuck anyone else.

  12. Please don't take maguire 😫

  13. Lopetelli😂😂

  14. Dave looks like such a bitch


  16. statman dave hasnt a fucking clue

  17. It's enough for me that he's Croatian. Let's raid that darn team!! Seriously impressive.

  18. If we bought kovacic he wouldn't be a certain starter with Pogba Fred and Matic in the team.

  19. Love dave… but dont know what football he watches

  20. Where to buy those shirts?

  21. STATMAN DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Great job Dave. 👍

  23. Sell de gea get loads of cash from real and then get a proper defender and whatever else necessary

  24. Who cares how much we spend for an area we need to improve.

  25. I'd take boateng over maguire

  26. Sun must be bad in Manchester. Sunnies aint foolin anyone. FLOG confirmed!

  27. If martial goes i quit football for a while

  28. We need a left full back FFS i dunno how mourinoho can't see it

  29. Kovacic is just another Fred

  30. S

  31. Dave called Sandro not that good in the other video to calling him one of the best fullbacks in the world in this…lost guy

  32. Kovacic will go city. United to slow to move

  33. Chelsea have rejected another offer for willian from Barcelona , Chelsea want more than 60 mil

  34. Play EB and VL together at center back. haven't seen enough to make a decision on if they can or can't work long term

  35. I 💘 statman. Even with those "interesting" 👓

  36. Manchester no Buy anyone 😡

  37. That retro shirt 😍

  38. So on the vid with Howson on his channel you say Sandro isn't a top wingback but here he's top 3 in the world?

  39. I am so ready for this transfer window to be done. It’s just toxic and ridiculous, and shows how ignorant a fan base can be.

  40. Last year of giving Mou a chance. Screw this up with his antics and negativity then please do leave. I have a feeling Woodward and Mou aren't on the same page, reaching a tipping point. While at the same time, Woodward and the Glazers are hand-in-hand. If this season flops, I'm betting next year Zidane will be our manager.

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