November 15, 2023

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We miss you Malcolm…

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  2. I heard that they don't talk about me too much no no that's the problem with the close door damn that's so powerful Mac Miller is my favorite artist of all time like he's better then Eminem to me I just like his music more because I relate to it you know what I mean I just don't like that Eminem pop ass music

  3. How they miss the mark so much on the lyrics. “Good news…is all THEY wanna hear.” He wasn’t talking about himself, he was talking about how people want to see his happy, fun loving side, not the depression that’s within. These lyrics are so obvious, I don’t know how they missed it. He IS talking about death.

  4. So sad that we’ll never see the trilogy completed, but looking back it’s amazing that we got this album at all. How many artists can have two albums at the caliber of swimming and circled complete at the same time. We’re lucky he was working in circles as early as he was or we may never have seen this side of him

  5. U guys gotta come back together man 🙁
    I really miss the energy…

  6. Reply
    Mystical Rainbow Kaci November 15, 2023 at 4:34 am

    You guys are such pure and authentic vibes, I love your Mac love… #92TilInfinity… He has SO much unreleased material, literally thousands of songs. Who knows what would have came next for him if not for laced shit. He called it though in 'Brand Name'… #Dontmixitwiththatbullshit
    But he stays alive in his music…thank you for sharing your hearts and these vibes with us.

  7. Considering I'm 35 what Mac Miller was to you guys Kurt Cobain from Nirvana was to me. Every generation always has a musical artist that passes way too soon.

  8. I really like y'all's reviews in general but this one was almost unwatchable to me because of how much it got chopped up. I really think you should have let the song play. It's really hard to imagine the decision in the edit room to dice this beautiful track up. Might as well have skipped the listening part and just reviewed it.

  9. why’d you skip so much of the song 👎🏽

  10. That paid promotion trash

  11. Stop skipping ahead. It's jarring and in this case, disrespectful. Feels like a sign of making this all about yourselves…

  12. Don't cut ur reactiooon! I wanted to listen all the song with u

  13. Good video just didn’t appreciate the cuts through the song 🙁 wanted to listen to it with you!

  14. Mac Miller was the first Artist I paid my own money to go see them live. He made me feel how music can truly touch your heart. I’m really missing him and the art he created

  15. I don’t think it’s so much about him not wanting to have bad news…. it’s about him needing help, saying people don’t care unless he’s got good news – or news that benefits them. he’s trying to say that the moment shit gets bad, people dip. and that’s when he needs someone. That’s what I think he’s saying.

  16. Sit in silence long time


  17. 3 1/2 minutes just to start the video? Fo real?!

  18. nahh yall lyric breakdown is off, he's not saying that HE only wants to see good news, he's saying they only wanna see good news, but they dont like it when he's down. which is why his music wasn't as popular back when he first started making this sad, melancholy music. "heard they don't talk about me too much" nobody cared when he was down. Good News, Good News, Good News, that's all they wanted to hear. get it now?

  19. Mac was around before all of them btw

  20. I dont always listen to mac miller
    But when i do
    Its good news

  21. We needed him to stay.

  22. We re all waitin for the Circles review, come on guys 🙏🏻🤍

  23. The song feels like a outtro of his life making it a happy ending kinda 🙁

  24. react to blood in blood out by denzel curry

  25. Why tf would y’all promote shit on this video? Disrespectful

  26. What a bad video you don't listen to the song till minute 3 and then jump forward the whole song…f this

  27. I believe he has more projects as well, all he did was make music. He was a GOAT 🐐

  28. Heard about him in middle school right before macadelic dropped, right around the time hip hop took over my ipod shuffle, with the dollar store earbuds. Dave Chapelle recently said something about him needing “to act like a lion so he could be the lamb he really was.” I never knew Mac but it always seemed like he did the same thing. He was a lover, he didn’t like to fight, and he was uncomfortable with disingenuous people. He was another depressed kid self medicating and like a lot of those kids he lost his life to it. Listening to this song just makes me cry and wish I could’ve been there to hug him that day, help get him sober. He had so much more to give man. If you’re struggling with substance abuse get some help please.

  29. Please react to Faces Mixtape. It’s an all-time favorite.

  30. R.I.P

  31. I could listen to you read the lyrics all day, the words role of your tongue like a beautiful poem

  32. Make a review circle

  33. Gum smackin', chain thwackin' ASMR lol.

  34. I think you guys should check out funeral on the faces album, it’s only on SoundCloud. And if you guys haven’t listened to 2009 I think you guys would really appreciate that piece. Glad to see some genuine dudes who really care about the music and the artist versus what’s hyped up right now.

  35. i cant fucking listen to this without bawling my eyes out

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