M2 MacBook Air review: a new Air-a 👀 reviews

June 27, 2023

The new MacBook Air has Apple’s latest in-house processor, the M2. It’s got a better screen, thinner and lighter design, better speakers, a much-improved webcam, an excellent keyboard and trackpad, more convenient charging, and excellent build quality. It also comes with a higher price tag — it starts at $1,199, $200 more than the model that preceded it, and a model with a decent amount of storage runs $1,499 or more. And the performance advancements over the M1 model aren’t as stark as the design and feature improvements are.

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  1. Do we miss the wedge-shape? Or is the squared off design a winner?

  2. i need that purple wallpaper

  3. I have the base model MacBook Air just for home and TBH I've been okay with the notch and never noticed slow storage, I don't have extreme uses like video editing or some kind of engineering software. Just need it for watching Netflix, Youtube, Mail, Social and that's about it 🤷 and I think most of the Air buying population just needs that much.

  4. it's horrible that you offer people to use third party chargers. do NOT use third party chargers if you love your devices and want it to be durable. ANY device, not just apple. don't know about these licenced ones, only used original adapters for all my apple devices and I have an ipad still in very good condition for 9 years, first iphone with silver and black back, iphone 5s, iphone X which still works just fine, only slowed down after all these years, understandably. briefly, 30w single port adapter is as good as 35w dual and 67w single adapter. do not waste the money you invested in the computer and use original. you do not need dual anyway, it's divided performance and buy 30w standard. charge your phone with another charger if you're home, use your macbook as power bank if you need to charge outside and not carrying your charger around.

  5. Just get a clear case so you avoid scratches and fingerprints

  6. I so wish I could get away with a laptop this small. I know from experience though, that Lightroom (my only heavy-use process-heavy app) although fine when it begins, loses its bandwidth fairly quickly after a few OS updates and will struggle on a more lightweight model.

  7. What the wallpapper

  8. Would it be worth it coming from an intel macbook pro?

  9. I think the question is; why someone should choose macbook air if they do only web browsing, mail, watch movies, zoom calls etc. ipad air is enough😉

  10. What is the headphone at 00:43. Can someone please suggest? Thank you.

  11. Only one external display?! What the actual…

  12. What is the work around if I want to dock and use on two external monitors?

  13. WOW You are good! I am going to get Mac Mac Air, but am confused about ports. Currently have a MacBook Pro 13. My auxiliary hard drive has a regular USB cable. And I have one regular flash drive. How do I handle this , when there is two Thunderbolts. And the new Mac Air charger has the two USB-c ports. Boy, I sure hope you answer this because I am really confused.

  14. Reply
    You.Are.Breathing. (YAB) June 27, 2023 at 7:13 am

    I forgot about the notch and the apps that live in the menu bar. I can fill up the menu bar on my 13" MacBook Air.

  15. Honestly MORE companies like all of them need to remove USB type A ports. USB type C even the non thunderbolt ports does the same as USB type A and if every company today removes USB type A would force companies to stop making devices that use it. I commend Apple doing it.

  16. I am switching from windows to Mac. What should I buy M1 air or M2 air. Considering, my budget is low

  17. The camera looks terrible, can't imagine how bad it was before.

  18. wtf is a "knowledge worker?"

  19. great job Dan, don't be shy reviewing another video as good as Monica's

  20. QUESTION – MacBook vs iPad for video editing and notes taking for study.

  21. Any suggestions for a nice clear case for this new MacBook Air in midnight?

  22. Amasife

  23. My workflow: 5-10 chrome windows having almost 10 tabs open in each window, a video open in vlc media player(I'll probably won't have to use vlc on a mac), and a file is being downloaded in Utorrent. All of this is happening at once.

    Is this mac(512gb storage, 8gb ram, 8core GPU) appropriate for my workflow?

  24. Is that a zombie from the Walking Dead?

  25. New Color and design are too dawn good… only downside??? Not having a 16in option… really LOOKING FORWARD to have it soon, hopefully 2023 … please apple please 🙏

  26. M2 MBA is corny

  27. The design is better but until this gets refined over the years through consumer complaints etc. it won’t be worth copping just yet, more so if you are already on the Apple Silicon platform (M1)

  28. Really tempted to get this but….. 60Hz. I don’t need the power of the 14” as I only occasionally do video edits for fun and not for work or anything but the one thing that I really don’t like about this design is the 60Hz screen. I am so used to high refresh rate screens that every time I use a 60Hz screen it just looks terrible to me. I don’t think I want to spend $3000+ NZD on a laptop that has a 60Hz screen. It’s a bummer. I don’t want to upgrade to the 14” either because it’s more expensive and bigger/heavier. I just don’t need it and I would prefer the lightweight design of the Air. Oh well, no new laptop for me.

  29. Has anyone tested this thing with Fusion 360? How does it handle?

  30. Great video! I think it is better to show the less of you and more of the product or both together.

  31. If the performance doesn't meet expectations, put a "knowledge worker" to review it. If it performs stellarly, put a video editor to review it. That way, the caveats will always be: "I don't think there is a reason for concern here", even if its more expensive, more cripple hammered, etc.

  32. I really love this MacBook Air

  33. I think the 1 NAND chip base model was a poor choice by Apple. If they really really want, they could make this a running change. Other than that, I love the new design!

  34. The black background is stunning verge!

  35. When I buy a product only for that Color….🤦🏽

  36. I’m super excited to be replacing my 2014 MacBook Pro with the new Air. It’s on its way to me now, I did get the 16G of RAM and 512G storage.

  37. Thanks The Verge for assuring us M1 Air 2020 owners that ours is still A GREAT MACHINE. And that upgrading is not necessary unless you have the extra cash for a purchase. M1 Air 2020 is great still!

  38. Sorry but it's too expensive for what it offers even for Apple Standards. 999 is the sweet spot. If you charge more than that you have to offer a lot more than just a storage and RAM bump like a dedicated GPU for example.

  39. Reply
    bliglysmoglyboopssaz June 27, 2023 at 7:13 am

    Pricing was a mistake I think. I was set to purchase this machine before the price (increase) was announced. I might as well get two Mac minis second hand for that price

  40. Sneaking towards the 3:2 surface laptop ratio, thankfully. A little more square is wonderful for a laptop form factor.

    As an aside, I appreciate the total black background on the talking head shots. Really sharp looking

  41. Even as a network engineer who needs ethernet ports and USB-A devices. I still prefer the slim designs and use a dongle instead of a USB-A.

  42. I love how hate for the Touch Bar has transitioned to hate for the notch.

  43. Great review thank you

  44. Basemodel is over 1500€ in europe…. that is a hardsell for me when you can get the base M1 model for under 1000

  45. Reply
    Catherine Desrochers June 27, 2023 at 7:13 am

    For what you get, in term of price tag, I would definitely go with the 2020 model and add 16gb + 512gb storage (if not 1tb) directly through the official Apple Refurb Store

    I can’t believe how my 2yo MBA is still so performant after all this time for my mid-heavy professional usage.

  46. Excellent review! Thanks, Dan.

  47. So sad that Verge havend reliezed yed that half of the world use Metric system. please at least put the metrik value on the video so we dont have to search it while watching the video. ..

  48. Got mine Friday, it is great (even the Midnight color and its fingerprint magnet-ism)

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