Lufthansa 747-400 – Business Class Review New York to Frankfurt 2022

April 9, 2023

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Airline: Lufthansa, LH
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Aircraft registration: D-ABVX
Flight date: November 11, 2021
Route: New York JFK – Frankfurt am Main Airport
Flight numbers: LH401
Seat: 1A
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Editing: Nonstop Dan
Animations: Nonstop Dan
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  1. 💰Invest like a billionaire with Masterworks – exclusive offer to skip the line:

  2. You do realize that BA,Emirates AND Turkish have a 2-3-2 configuration,and out these aircraft on flights over 12 hours.Even Qatar has a 30 year old 2-2-2 configuration on select 777s.I personally feel that you just want to trash Lufthansa so that you can get more views on you fake,cheap nonsense videos

  3. Wow!!!!

  4. so…u pay a lot money just to have a dirty seat and a dirty toilette? :S it´s a no for me.

  5. I flew on the Lufthansa 747-400 business class recently and was actually mid, so I find this review pretty accurate

  6. wait a built in headphone? talk about hygiene …

  7. Flying Lufthansa’s 747-400 in Business class in less than 2 days. Excited! First time in a 747, and it’s a -400. Also first time in Business class, I just had to 😀

  8. Never got turbolence on this beast. Some minor rattling but nothing compared to crappy 737s

  9. What plane is that at 6:09 is that for like staff or something for the White House ?

  10. 78.000 miles upss too much plus 100 usd.

  11. Lufthansa will be keeping the 747-400 through 2025 so ample opportunities to fly them over the next couple years. However by 2025 they will be gone from Lufthansa and probably from every other passenger airline around the same time. Will be sad to see the last 747 passenger flight. Last time I got to fly on a 747 was returning from deployment in Iraq on leave. Yeah the US military uses charter planes for moving soldiers and there are (or at least were) some 747 in charter fleets. The plane was half full so I got a full row to myself and double meals.

  12. Sooo not surprised about this review. I’ve had the WORST experience with Lufthansa and I’m not a complainer. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Food was terrible, the flight entertainment not working and quite frankly, the most impolite service I’ve ever experienced on a plane.

  13. I have flown a lot to Stockholm (from Munich) in the last few months. Always in Lufthansa Business and have to admit that the service was great, even though it's only a two hour flight. And the food looked much better than the, let's call it food, what you got served. I think that depending on the airline you can expect a certain level and then the service fluctuates around that. Sometimes you are too lucky, sometimes you are too unlucky.

  14. am I too late to win the amities kit ??

  15. it is my favorite plane because of the Iconic hump

  16. I am 50 years old but have never flown on a 7474 yet

  17. Reply
    Edy AllReady Galaxy April 9, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Wohoooo! B747 is back!

  18. imagine flying LH400 one month after the video 😀

  19. Reply
    Tamás Kerecsényi April 9, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Lufthansa's decision to retire the A380 just so to bring back the 30 years old soviet era 747-400s is comical. The only reason someone would choose this plane is for nostalgic reasons. 747-8? For sure. 747-400? Hard nope.

  20. Did you really pay the full price for business? I mean it was dirty and the food was bad.

  21. Correct indias map a*****e !!

  22. Tyrone Waters Ty Magic

  23. Do you get to keep the blankets and pillows?

  24. Wow, your camera work is awesome! Makes the Queen look almost better than in reality. Want to fly on it again so much ^^

  25. Reply
    Latinkingsforever April 9, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Lufthansa is the only ones with 747? KLM doesnt have them anymore sadly ;(

  26. For Frankfurt Am Main to NYC flights There's the other B747-8 flight to NYC EWR LH402/403 from Frankfurt Am Main Flughafen train connections to Dresden Hbf via Riesa Leipzig Bebra Gerstungen Erfurt Brussels Midi via Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen & Rhein-Main. The last option is available for United Airlines customer provided UA ends up canceling the Newark, NJ to Brussels Zaventem Flight requiring passengers to be booked on a Lufthansa United Airlines codeshare flight with a Deutsche Bahn ticket Flughafen Frankfurt Am Main to Brussels Midi via Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen tickets.

  27. A really great channel keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to more videos.

    I have a question and I have never flown long distances, but I would like to do it e.g. LA, New York, Cape Town or Australia would be my dream destinations, but I can't really imagine sitting on the plane as long as long and that is also the point that makes me refrain from it and somehow produces a blockade in my head. Hence my question, what is it like to fly so long distances? Does it make sense, if you have never flown long distances, then book at least business class? I think that would also make things easier for me.

  28. German arrogance at its best. Vee gif you bizness klaas!

  29. That business class is so terrible because the competition also offers shitty service. With slots in JFK being restricted there is no incentive to become better

  30. Reply
    Jascha Dominik Döke April 9, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    I am appalled to see this level of filth in a German Lufthansa jet. Usually, they're spotless… and I assume this would have never happened if the turnaround was in FFM or MUC. HOWEVER: The flight crew in Business should catch this, so blame ought not solely be directed towards the New York-based cleaning subcontractor crew or lack thereof… Pfui Teufel, und das als "5* Airline?"

  31. You can‘t be serious calling this the worst business class in Europe! Ever flown Swiss or SAS or Finnair? Way worse!

  32. I saw another review about Lufty’s poor biz class. Now I will never aste my money on it.

  33. As far as I know, the FRA-EZE route was always with 747, and wasn't interrupted in March 2020

  34. Dan,you mentioned a middle seat in business
    I read about it,and on all business classes,Lufthansa either blocked the middle seat or the two other seats
    They don’t actually make you sit in business one row,with 2 other passenger.
    I also don’t see you criticizing emirates for this,as they revealed that they’re doing middle seats in business!

  35. That’s how they clean airplanes in New York.

  36. Reply
    Christina Dimitriou April 9, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Oh my, I absolutely love Lufthansa. They are one of my favorite European carriers. Although, you seat did seem less appealing than the other deck that you showed us in the end. Thank you for all of the great details. It’s been a while since I’ve flown.

  37. Nice flight report, Dan.

  38. So cool!! Totally a check off the good ol bucket list! I have been on many 747’s, but I want to fly on the upper deck on a 747-8i before, as you mentioned, will not around for long…. Just wondering how you find your flight, and how you can determine where the plane wanted will have routes available? I’m guessing you must have an easier way than looking at the airline website! Thanks for the video! Hope to hear from ya!

  39. Dear Lord, pray I never fly on a German airline ever again, looked like a plane right out of East Germany from 1975.

  40. Absolutely shocking !!

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