Looney Tunes:Teen Titans Go! Mayhem Review: Booyah, Folks! reviews

January 10, 2023

Tom & Roy takes a look at Looney Tunes:Teen Titans Go! Mayhem!

Intro 0:00
Overview 1:10
Final Thoughts 5:42

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  1. Reply
    No Review Playthrough January 10, 2023 at 12:57 pm

    This really seems like CMON just trying to cash in on the Funkverse popularity.

  2. So these Mayhem games have nothing to do with the Dungeon Mayhem/Marvel Mayhem games? That's slightly confusing 😄

  3. It ‘bugs’ you….. 😬… 😏

  4. The TTG set doesn't really have any of the madcap nonsense that the show was known for, I got the impression that they wanted to make a Teen Titans set, but TTG was the license they had. In any case, I was all-in on the campaign, not because I'm overly attached to TTG or Looney Tunes, but because the Mayhem engine was promised to basically be a license farm, they're clearly signaling access to Time Warner brands, and there are Time Warner brands I WOULD love to own, and I'm a completionist who will lament not owning everything if they DO drop a license I can't live without.
    I don't think I could forgive myself if CMON of all people finally gave us Steven Universe, Regular Show, and Adventure Time merchandise that wasn't of questionable manufacturing quality and I had to pass due to "not being able to own it all". This is some Amiibo quality merch right here, and CMON has a track record of revising rules in edition updates while providing updated rules for enfranchised player exclusives, so even if the game looks bad now, it COULD be decent a few iterations from now.

  5. I feel like these prepainted minis should become the new benchmark for mini quality in games. It's a bit of a PITA to pay triple figures for some games and then have a ton of grey plastic on the table to show for our hard-earned dollars. We should not have to be expected to be artists (ie mini painters) just because we like to play games. This is an outdated concept that in reality means that for decades we have continually been sold an "unfinished" product. Time for the boardgaming industry finally step up. Mayhem is a game frontiering something that should have become the norm a very long time ago.

  6. Phew! Glad I didn't back this

  7. Audio is a bit too low this video. I only backed the Teen Titans one, it's the Skirmish game I'll play with family or kids. I play Super Fantasy Brawl when I'm playing with other gamers. Haven't played unmatched yet, but I don't think it's as accessible for (younger) families. Also the minis here blow the other games' out of the water quality wise. Personally I don't like the look of Funko minis, so I'll never own that system.

  8. Looney Toons Unmatched would be amazing!
    Also, sorry but the Titans wouldn't stand a chance against the Toons gang. The latter can take a shotgun or dynamite blast directly to the face and just come away with a wry expression. I'm pretty sure Daffy has been blasted point blank in the beak by a planet-ending lazer a la Marvin the Martian at least once and still won out in the end by sheer zaniness. Plus, they can ignore basic physics whenever it's comedically appropriate. Them even having hitpoints is probably the most unrealistic aspect of the game.
    I haven't watched much TTG, but I don't think they'd have a prayer. I guess Raven getting all demonic magic on them and sending them to a Hell dimension would be their only hope, but then again the Loony Ones have probably all worn angel wings or devil horns themselves multiple times at this point just to come back the next episode. I'm pretty sure that means it would require God Himself to step in to stop Bugs n' Pals!

  9. Mini's are great indeed. Kickstarted TTG because my son is a big fan, he loves it! I hoped the game play would be better, more strategic!

  10. Your mics are not on guys.

  11. I agree here. I would never play these over my top three in this genre: Unmatched, Wildlands or Funkoverse.

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