Long Covid: Three types identified: BBC News Review reviews

February 12, 2023

Long Covid. Millions of people around the world have reported symptoms of Covid-19 more than twelve weeks after getting the disease.

Now research by scientists in the UK has identified three different types of long Covid. Some people suffer brain fog and headaches; others have breathing problems; and a third group experience a range of symptoms.

Key words and phrases

unknown enemy
something that can harm you, but you don’t know how

* Online bullies are an unknown enemy. You don’t know how they’ll attack you.
* Climate change is an unknown enemy. Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen.

goes up quickly

* Prices are rocketing. I can’t afford anything.
* Demand for fans has rocketed during the heatwave.

being sold
being persuaded about an idea that might not be right

* I’m being sold the idea I can learn a language in 3 months.
* He tried to sell me the idea the Moon landings were fake.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Story
1:25 – Headline 1: The Guardian: The Guardian view on long Covid: an unknown enemy
3:20 – Headline 2: ITV: Demand for Long Covid services rockets as thousands battle the condition
5:00 – Headline 3: The Conversation: Ivermectin, blood washing, ozone: how long COVID survivors are being sold the next round of miracle cures
6:53 – Language summary

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  1. I love you BBC channel

  2. 1 type they all took a experimental unapproved non liable something

  3. Great news!

  4. I'm benefit from you🌸

  5. love it💋💋💋

  6. She really wants to sell me ideas ,but it didn't get me lol.

  7. I think it is very useful for me, I love it❤

  8. Excellent 😄

  9. So interesting 🎉

  10. It's useful for me!! Thanks!!❤

  11. I'm trying to figure out your audience here. Is it children because you need to get to the damn point!

  12. Vocabulary from this video: Long Covid: Three types identified.
    Long covid with many symptoms.
    suffer (v) – feel pain, or experience physical/ mental pain.
    Brain fog – a condition when you feel confused and you can't think clearly.
    1) Unknown enemy (n) – something that can harm you, but you don't know how.
    Exp: Long covid is our unknown enemy because it is so new, that scientists don't really know much about Long Covid yet. Know your enemy (A least you know what to expect). Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.
    2) Rocket (v) – to go up quickly (increase dramatically). The demand for medical services for people suffering from Long Covid has rocketed. Exp: The prices are rocketing. We can't afford anything.
    3) Being sold = Being persuaded about an idea that might not be right.
    Exp: He tried to sell me the idea (try to convince or persuade me) that people didn't really land on the moon.
    Thank you for this video.


  14. Excellent program 🙂 Congrats for performers!! 🤓

  15. Thank you so much for such an interesting podcast. I listen to podcasts from BBC learning English every day, and my English vocabulary gets so much better.

  16. Why there is no comments about covid does not exist? Russians dont have enough money already to pay these comment trolls?

  17. BBC is really helpful and the team also spread positive vibes during the video.

  18. Just keep the social engineering going…

  19. Alas, British scientists don't know how to cure long COVID.

    God's mercy nano-medication should be the last-ditch treatment for long COVID.
    Nano-medication is based on:

    God created man out of an extract of clay from ground.

    In other words, nanoparticles of nano-medication are so-called

    Universal Ligand (Antibody)

    All glory belongs to God !

  20. because of war between Russia and Ukraine the price of oil and flour have been rocketed .
    it was the time that everyone was surrounded with unknown enemy.

  21. Love you girls! You are amazing!!!

  22. I should be grateful to these pretty women 💕

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    Πετρος Νικου February 12, 2023 at 8:05 pm

    Teary eyed well up

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  25. Long Covid. Lol!

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  27. Hi BBC!!! The news is very helpful to me. But I do want to suggest the hosts to have a clipboard for the hosts' paper scripts because it would look a bit nicer and neat. Love you!!!

  28. you two are cute😘🇲🇲

  29. Thank you very much this is an useful video and it gives me some new words <3

  30. Just now conditions in Myanmar, Prices are rocketing,
    We can't afford anything.
    Feeling so sad and hate to Min Aung Hlaing.

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