Lindelöf, Bale, Herrera?!?! | Manchester United Transfer News Review! 2022

November 27, 2022

What’s the latest on Victor Lindelöf, Gareth Bale, Ander Herrera and more? Time for the MANCHESTER UNITED TRANSFER NEWS REVIEW! Will any of these rumours happen this window? Comment below to have your say!

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  1. lindelof us not bad he does have his flaws but that's normal because he's young but if united raise him properly then he could become a very good player

  2. this video irrelevant where lindelof concerned

  3. I absolutely love videos featuring Howson. Disagree with a lot of things that he says but I love the way he presents it.

  4. I think we need a backup striker whose talented but not better than Rashy cause admit we all want to see Marcus start n zlatan come back and the bigger dillema is when zlatan recovers from his injury then what we do with the striker we sign so its not an easy situation for Mourinho

  5. I'd hate for De Gea to go to Real Madrid. As an Arsenal fan, I'm all to familiar with the pain of the losing our best players to the likes of Barcelona, RM for underwhelming transfer fees.

  6. Steve it seems everyone is in that bracket nowadays. Btw 9:40 "David de hay" 10:04 "January de Buffon" 😂

  7. if we're getting perisic and lindelof, i want casemiro and lukkaku

  8. As always, great stuff Howson 👍

  9. lol abuse. Hahahaha

  10. been watching ur vids for a while now, ftd is the best fan channel on youtube. loving the straight up, non hyped up bollocks in this transfer window. You guys are pro, like the Ferguson of fan channels, when the others are a poor mans Moyes!

  11. pogba is on griezmanns Snapchat. story

  12. Just believe in Mourinho any player he signs will be likely to be a good player proven

  13. Trading Matic for Bakayoko?Come on,you guys…..

  14. That 6 seconds on Herrera was the highlight of this transfer window hahaa fuck me! Had me in stitches that Howson

  15. Ooooo all the way it go
    Ooooo all the way it go
    Ooooo all the way it go
    ….followed by the viking war claps !!!
    just imagine…the stretford end rises to unleash the kraken!!!!
    he goes by the name of PAUL POGBA
    goosebumps!!!!!!!! lets make it happen!!
    THE outlet song= POGCHANT

  16. I wish Bale would come but I just can't get that feeling of excitement you get when a maybe player is floated about the press. How nice would it be though. …….if…….

  17. rather get isco than Rodriguez

  18. perisisc update?

  19. You've got it the wrong way around with Lindelof. Watch him again. He's actually a good defender and not that great on the floor.

  20. Reply
    Rory Moriarty-Scanlon November 27, 2022 at 10:46 am

    Why the fuck are we going for Madrid rejects like Rodriguez?!! They always twist our arm and take our best players and we should do the same. We have what they want, we don't have to sell him, get a better deal.

  21. 13:00 quick shut down

  22. I agree with DeGea valued at 75m pounds but i think your calculations are a bit off regarding inflation of the Buffon deal. After adjusting for inflation it comes to 50m pounds OR 70m Euros.

  23. INS:
    Alex Sandro
    Bale (if not Bale then Lukaku)


  24. We need a RW specialist, Lingard is a good player but physically weak! Would like Gelson Martins from Sporting Lisbon and a long term replacement for Carrick can be Carvalho

  25. i followed u last dummer and 60 % was mistake

  26. i don't want bale come to manu

  27. Steve Howson should be the one doing the transfer news every day because Adam is a bit boring no offense, but he is. The other person who should be doing the transfer news is Dave. Adam a legend on fancams tho undisputed.
    Just a suggestion. #loveyaAdam

  28. Lets raid juve and grab Dybala , he is a wonderful little player and would be the missing link that we need. He can also bang in a few goals aswell . Give him the number 7 .

  29. morata?

  30. Poor David de gea.. A fax machine cost him 2 champions League 😂😂

  31. De Gea in the 70s ??? You Ok Stephen ??? De Get is worth 90 Million to me , I wouldn't trade him for Messi

  32. hey give fans an option to vote on topics!! like other channels!

  33. Fabinho??

  34. Really wish we would stop going for Luxury players , people that are actually good for their position imo CB Kouilibaly CDM Matic ST Morata who is proven in Seria A and La Liga and Mourinho will know how to use him

  35. Martial is still very young…but if he under performs another year at united it's gonna ruin his career.kinda like zaha.because of too much pressure caused by stupid media in england.he needs a change of scene.send him on loan for a year or even would be ideal.they need a winger

  36. Roadwork noise suggests this was filmed on a weekend or public holiday at 7am.

  37. De gea is worth at least 75/80 million

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