Lenovo made a dual-screen laptop that's actually good — Yoga Book 9i 2022

January 16, 2023

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is a laptop with not one, but two OLED screens. It comes with a removable keyboard, a kickstand, and a stylus, and you can use it in all kinds of different positions. It could be a cool and versatile addition to anyone’s workflow — as long as you’re willing to pay $2,000 for it. #lenovo #ces #technology

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  1. I have a Surface Duo 2 and I am looking forward to purchasing this computer.

  2. Only up to 16GB of RAM??????

  3. Really? You are already struggling to work on that and this is called innovation dump

  4. I'm getting this right away!!!

  5. Yes, but why?

  6. I want one! It's basically an all-in-one portable dual monitor .The perfect hybrid-work laptop

  7. So how much?

  8. That's amazing! Really like it!

  9. Even it has extra screen it's a bit small to work with and you can't open more apps without eclipsing each others. I'd rather have a bigger monitor and have more workspace. Otherwise It will still be useful for some people. Up

  10. I feel like this is basically just a surface neo except everything is basically just enlarged, screen, keyboard, etc.

  11. It can hardly be called a "lap"-top, to use all of its features it must be used at a desk! It's gimmicky and cumbersome and it's too expensive for the average consumer. Lugging this 3 pound monstrosity around, along with its keyboard and stand is impractical. If you can't use all of its features on a plane, in the lecture hall, in the classroom, on the couch, in bed, at a coffee shop or at the park, what's the point?

  12. Dear Santa.

  13. What happens when you rotate the screens, does it rotate?

  14. You can always tell who an Apple users is because they use the trackpad on a laptop with a touch screen and pen support…lol

  15. But can you connect an Ethernet cable to it?

  16. ❤ this would be amazing for classes 🥰

  17. I didn't like the way you are reviewing.. your hand gestures and usage of computer is very amateur

  18. I think thats the most confusing things ever hahah

  19. wooooooooow……………………………………….. i even haven't upgraded my grade to Yoga class yet, still on Ideapad class, & they keep coomin'

  20. How about battery life, it needs a powerful battery to feed these dual screens.

  21. It’s officially over, the days of tablets are finally dead, once this type of laptop gets popular soon, tablets will lose their relevancy, maybe this will give Apple and other companies a decision to think about their high prices, I would rather pay a tad more and get that laptop instead of that iPad

    I’m looking forward to this laptop, and thinking about buying it as a replacement for my iPad Pro 1st gen

  22. I thought I wouldn't like this but surprisingly I think I love it

  23. anyone know how much the price ?

  24. brilliant idea. how come no one has ever thought about it???

  25. Great, now instead of 2 hinges that will break on the Yoga, you have 4!

  26. We like to see the LTE compatibility since it will be also use for business use

  27. Also, wondering if you can use flip it 90°, like a book, having the magnet keyboard completely detached and include a separated mouse.

  28. That’s great when companies try some “fresh” design here and there and stop releasing the same product every year just adding a Pro, or Max suffix to it.

  29. Bring it!

  30. NOw lets see a Chrome OS implementation. That would be perfect!

  31. This was the last nail on surface neo's coffin. I really want one 😍

  32. The dual screen setup forces you to use a mouse, unless you want to reach up to the screen every time… the single screen setup with the trackpad works, but has the drawback of wrists resting on the screen, which would concern me if I were wearing a watch. Otherwise though this is really cool.

  33. Ridiculously silly yet a CRAZY & innovative approach. A fresh take on 'old hat'… dual touchscreen. The haptics sound amazing. Love the entire concept. Would play around ENDLESSLY flicking windows, widgets, and proprietary Lenovo system utility apps from screen-to-screen. Crave it. Lust after it. BUT WOULD NEVER BUY ONE. Keeping track of & lugging around a detached keyboard would get old FAST. And typing directly on the glass would also get old really quick. And I don't even wanna think about the battery. Ever since Apple started making ARM-based Macs, our expectation level for "good" battery life has moved from 8-10hrs to running the ENTIRE WEEKEND off charger.

  34. If the keyboard had a 10key. It would be an instant cop for me.

  35. Reply
    The Learning Machine January 16, 2023 at 4:14 am

    Forget my MacBook pro!!!

    Now this windows computer is not a (Pro) computer, this a beast of a computer!!

  36. More I look at these things more I think Apple is right. This is a horrible laptop.

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