LEGO Hulkbuster Review 2022

October 25, 2022

The LEGO 76210 Hulkbuster had the potential to be the best Marvel set ever made. In the end it turned out well… Far from being the better.

Thank you LEGO for sending this set for review.
Views and opinions are my own.

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  1. The arc reactor is I the complete wrong place It should be where the button is to turn on the light brick

  2. Wasted opportunity of making a Space Marine instead of this.

  3. Man for someone that was once a set designer for Lego you sure sound like a typical ignorant 20 something year old "fan". What with complaining about stickers, still looking at PPP as the golden standards for value, etc. you just sound like someone who never worked for the company.
    I would expect that you could give a lot of insight into what the design process looks like and add some explanation as to why certain decisions here were made, but instead you just come off as a typical teen youtuber who loves nitpicking sets to death.

    By no means am I saying this set is perfect or even that good to begin with, but man your content could be way better by simply using your background and experience to your advantage to give us a fan/content creator perspective that frankly doesn't exist in the community. But instead, you've decided to take the easy route and become just another Lego whiner that picks apart every product they put out because apparently that's what sells in this community: negativity, complaining, and nitpicking.

    Again: THIS IS NOT A GOOD SET. LIKE AT ALL. However, given your background, it's disappointing that you choose to review these sets as if you are an entitled teen

  4. Lego is being greedy like Apple

  5. I love how he says Ulk Basterd

  6. I want a hulkbuster the same size as this one but looks and feels way better

  7. the proportions are so bad

  8. This is more for piece scavenging

  9. Looks like Ironman.

  10. They were trying to replicate the Hot Toys Hulkbuster. Inntheir minds that one is over 1000. Sorry I'm good With my hot toys and older ucs Hulkbuster. What's sad is that because this was a redo of an older set, theirs very little chance we will EVER SEE the set we wanted

  11. Can you do the ucs at at please

  12. 550$ and you're not even getting an accurate set. No amount of money is worth that gimmick ruining the proportions. And for that price they should've gone with a special molded head piece instead of that ugly printed dome

  13. Thanks for the honest candor about this much-criticized set. While it truly looks like a great build experience the end result feels "lacking". I would figure if I ever got "blessed" with this set I would shorten the torso and detach the legs of the buildable Iron-Man prior to insertion LOL

  14. in my opinion the hulk buster is very oversized

  15. Many high end Hulkbuster figures (Hot Toys, Threezero etc) offer a way to place a bust of the MK43 into the buster suit, to give you the illusion he’s in the armor without affecting the suit itself. This really should have been the solution here, pop off the legs and arms and place the figure in that way, and in turn they could have compressed the torso length down more. A definite miss and sadly a case of overengineering gone wrong here.

  16. I think the very audible sigh sums this set up perfectly: huge potential, but too many gaps and compromises that stop it from being worthy of the UCS title and the price tag. Great video! 👍

  17. Reply
    David Israel Animations October 25, 2022 at 6:42 pm

    Lego friends best "ppp" 👏🫶

  18. What a garbage set!!!

  19. This looks like straight trash

  20. Tiago do you know, all those areas where we see tecnic bricks exposed, couldn't those best be all colored dark grey or black to disguise it more? Like below the crotch area and sides of chest.
    Like everything there should be black or dark grey to mimic shadows and disguise the exposed parts more.
    Do they make those parts in black or dark grey?

  21. Can i rant a little bit on lego in general….. first the price. Another company that blame covid and gas price to increase their price, excuse me but this is unacceptable. Second, quality as really gone down, color pieces not matching, stickers that pil of, mistake on logos etc. Third but not lease, poor design or rushing to put sets on market. Am i the only one that actually is frustrated with the prices!?

  22. When looking at the screen model the chest is really my only complaint here, the pec panels seem to be too long thus putting the arc reactor farther from the helmet

  23. I like that even though Tiago worked at Lego, he’s able to give a genuine and honest review. Kudos Tiago.

  24. Love the set hate the price tag

  25. Is it just me that would’ve somewhat preferred a smaller version. Almost like the original Age of Ultron hulk buster, but give it a full display stand like the Star Wars models and all new character prints to make it unique.

    Obviously remove the £500 price tag but make it a full display that you can have on your shelf and would set up further displays from other movies like Black Panther, Captain America and so on

  26. Between this and the Potter train I am sad

  27. Lego NEED to start producing proper play sets like they used to to in 2010 – 2015, and get rid of these excessive huge-price lego sets with small mistakes. Not enough good play sets anymore like they’re was with pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings etc… smh

  28. I was on a LEGO Store yesterday in Orlando and I realized that lot of folks don't know about the .10 cent ratio per piece. Specially for those new in LEGO, they like they set, they buy it, no matter what is the price.

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