Leapforce Is Now Appen | Appen Review | Online Jobs Opportunities (2019) reviews

June 4, 2022


This is short video on how to find online jobs with Appen and also my Appen review of the company and how the application process works.

Leapforce is now Appen. The company has changed the name.

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Appen is a global company and leader in high-quality, human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence

Appen has more than 20 years of experience in data annotation, collection, evaluation and transcription and a track record for successfully enhancing image, speech, text and video data for use in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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  2. Online scam opportunities.

  3. Just i need your hlep!!! I m living in United Arab Emirates and i want to start this business can you say me about the payment.i will be waiting for your reply

  4. Bro is this job possible in India? And how much they pay for an hour?

  5. Can i joine with either leapforce or appen if i am from easter european country.. i know they did mention us , asia and africa but i woull like to know is eastern european countries aee included to be accepted for application (i am from romania)

  6. I want to send my CV, do you have the information to read it before the exam?

  7. thanks boss for sharing. By the way I have a problem logging in to the UHSR web entry with my WLID. I already contacted them but no answer. Did you have the same issue?

  8. Love the video, love the advice and I especially love the chain. Any tips though on nailing the interview?

  9. Get an external mic. Hard to understand you

  10. Can you do it in China? Thank you.

  11. how much do/did you make in a week with appen?

  12. can you recommend a time tracker to use for appen. they fucked up totally my work time and don´t pay me for my work

  13. Easy question if you put in 8-10hrs a day what would someone make every two weeks

  14. Can I make money with only a phone?

  15. I have lupus and have to be home and trying to find work is so hard. I wish I had money to invest but that is scary with different things.

  16. Yo my man! Do you mind if I share this video-instruction to some of my friends as I refer them to Appen? So that they'll know how to apply without my personal assistance haha thanks!

    For anyone wanting to apply, you can use my link to apply 😉


  17. any other websites that provide jobs online

  18. can you help me and give instruction on how i can make money. i really need an income

  19. Nope they didn't change their name from Leapforce. Leapforce and appen were two different companies. Recently they have become one company though. I know I had an email about the change as I work for Appen and it does seem like there is a lot more work available since the joined together.

  20. How to enable FRT key in appen

  21. Thanks Brotha I just filled out a app Looking Forward to working with them I am very computer savy and been doing graphic work for over 5Yrs Figers cross Ill keep you updated!!

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