Late nights: Bad for health?: BBC News Review 2022

January 19, 2023

The story:
Staying up late into the night. For some people, it’s just the way they prefer to live. But it could be affecting their health. New research from the US found that ‘night owls’ may be more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. It’s because people who get up early burn fat for energy more easily.

Key words and phrases
night owls
people who like being active at night, and go to bed late
– I was a night owl at university. I always wrote my essays after midnight.
– She’s a night owl, which is why she’s often grumpy in the morning.

lasting for a long time
– After the accident, he suffered from chronic pain.
– There’s a chronic shortage of doctors. People have to wait months for treatment.

prone to
likely to do or be affected by something bad
– She has weak legs and is prone to injury.
– I don’t believe him. He’s prone to lying.

0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – Story
1:13 – Headline 1: SKY NEWS – Early bird or night owl? How your sleep cycle puts you at risk of heart disease and diabetes
2:55 – Headline 2: CNN – Night owls at high risk of certain chronic diseases, study says
4:55 – Headline 3: GUARDIAN – Night owls may be more prone to heart disease and diabetes, study finds
6:22 – Language summary

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  1. From my experience in school, most students are night owls. I'm the opposite. I love waking up at the crack of dawn and commuting as early as possible. Early in the morning, the landscapes are amazing. In my country, nights are a bit dangerous and you're prone to be robbed and suffer chronic injuries. I'd better live in peace.

  2. Great video

  3. I tried a lot to wake up early it's the best way to finish your tasks and be active
    But in holidays I'm night owel I can't wake up early if there are any advices pls tell me

  4. 씨발 집에서 지내면
    밤이 좋지

  5. In my country, the young prefer to being night owls, the old being early birds instead. For the young, they suffered from pressure from many aspects, including high working pace, caring children, etc, and only the nights are belonged to them exclusively. So, they may use this precious time to relax. However, the old care more about their health, and getting up early will be good to their health.

  6. Im my school, students are both night owls and early birds, we usually go to bed at 1am and get up at 6am. After school, instead of using our time to do our homework so that we can sleep early, most of us need to have extra class until 7pm or 8am, somes have to study until 10pm. I want to be an early bird, but if i go to bed early i wont finish my homework. Some people will think how about go to bed early and get up early to do homework? If i do that, i will be sleepy at class and extraclass 😔

  7. I prefer not to be jabbed.

  8. I'm trying to tilt this at the minute by waking up at 5:30am and exercising at night.

    As a lifelong night owl (I have gone to sleep between 12am-1am most nights of my adult life) and being lucky enough to never have had a job to force me to become an "early riser", it is genuinely painful. But I'm willing to see what happens after a month.

  9. Iʼm a night owl🦉🦉

  10. Reply
    Дарья Смирнова January 19, 2023 at 8:03 pm

    I'm an early bird, while my husband is a night owl. That's hard for us to go somewhere with friends, as I'm sleepy after 10 p.m. 😬 After hanging out I'm prone to a headache. That's chronic.

  11. Thanks for your lesson!

  12. The BBC are bad for your health!

  13. I always go to bed early every day bacause I get somes news that if we delay the face looks old than age . I'm afraid of it….

  14. Thank you

  15. So am I the only person to be most productive in the afternoon ???? In the morning I always feel sleepy and it's still the same at night :…(

  16. Neil why are you look older tha i Saw three years ago. White hair half on your Head

  17. Acute =minor
    can we say so

  18. Reply
    Inajourneytoknowmyself January 19, 2023 at 8:03 pm

    Early morning,while I was awaiting for my school bus to arrive at the station, a middle aged man was just entering his home probably from club which certainly proves him to be a night owl. He get off by his car and suddenly his wife make an entrance . They both were fighting and the man said, " you are a reason for my chronic headache". While he was saying, he twisted his legs hitting in a giant rock at garden, seems to be prone to injury.

  19. Night owl is very bad but in this generation i found its very common but its very bad chronic deasese are very harm full for our health

  20. Prone to means affected by something baf

  21. Chronic means long lasting deasese

  22. I am a night owl Because I don't get up in the morning

  23. Me waking up 5 am and sleeping at 12 am 😂

  24. Why do they speak so slow??

  25. Okay, new year new resolution. Gonna start practicing to sleep early!

  26. Reply
    Мария Кудряшова January 19, 2023 at 8:03 pm

    I think, chronic diseases are really dangerous for people nowadays. Mostly for those once , who don’t lead healthy lifestyle . For example, if a person doesn’t go to bed in time and he is a night owl , he will able to ill. And so he will be proned to dangers…

  27. Excellent

  28. I love this new video format! Thank you!

  29. What happens if I stay up late in the night to learn English with BBC?

  30. So I love to say "Donald Trump is prone to lying". According to the news, Trump has been lied to the public more than 20 thousand times in his 4 year presidency, a record of modern human politic (Psychologist expert on an average person, people lie less than 7 times a day!

  31. I'm used to be an 'early bird to catch a train from Lucern to Zurich for work and gone to bed early at 9:30. After 26 years long working, I got a heart disease which doctors have been unable to find out. I have do not smoked nor have I drunk either. I have been very active guy since I was a child. Sometimes, I doubt about scientific research.

  32. When i used to a morning person,it forces me to sleep early at night.I already knew that i won't get prone to chronic disease,but by and by i shifted my time of sleep to late nights in despair,then i started and were keen on watching series more and more and felt enthusiastic,and then whenever it is seen I'm fond of myself as a night owl. Irrespective of what i cannot go back to the time i were.Even though i tried so hard to get through because i was fed up with staying up late as a result, i started eating like a horse and drinking like a fish as well.

  33. Because people who get up early burn more fat easier? That's the difference?! Well that's easily compensated: work out and eat right. Ta daaaaa!!

  34. Like from Ukraine

  35. i'm pretty sure that i am a night owl, i take this conclusion seeing that is 2 am and i am watching this video in my pause of the studies, but i am trying to get better, cause i don't wanna be prone to get any disease, and probably sleep so late will bring me chronic consequences

  36. Reply
    Lê Phước Thiên - Michael January 19, 2023 at 8:03 pm

    I'm a night owl. I always stay up until midnight to do homework.

  37. I am actually a night owl. I can stay late at night or sleep late at night but I can't get up early. Even though I sleep early at night, it is so hard for me to get up early in the morning. I prefer studying or working at night rather than in the morning because I'm not active in the morning and my brain doesn't work well😆.

  38. Reply
    232 Supakorn Jipomja January 19, 2023 at 8:03 pm

    I've been night owls for a long time. Recently, I start going to bed early because I realize the effect of chronic disease, and that is more prone to negative health.

  39. Hai im Indonesian, and i'v just known this channel is very helpful to learning English like me, im studying English and the important informations as well, thanks a lot,

  40. It's incredible, I thought a knew these words but I find myself learning them again. Great video!

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