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September 11, 2023

NV Energy customers voice their concerns with rising energy costs, damage from a record rainstorm continues to impact Death Valley National Park, and multiple overnight closures are planned on a portion of the I-15.

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  1. Over time, the cost of everything that we consume, live in, use, eat, drink, drive and breath, has no where to go but up- up and up. The good news is that it's generally cheaper to live in Las Vegas than similar cities in the adjacent states.

  2. What will reaching out do? I have and they only explain that the prices are higher- I’m sure they are insinuating their nv energy program which dosent provide enough help , such as all other programs that’s offered. The prices are so high that their programs is hardly any help.

  3. Green energy is certainly lowering the cost of electricity, says Joe Biden…, why are my bills so high?
    The Gov forces Green Energy on the people, then when the price of electricity goes up…they say " It's not our problem."

  4. You keep bringing viruses to your city with conventions spreading it to the rest of the nation it’s time you’re held accountable for endangering Americans. The energy bill is do to the sphere that’s why you raised it in sections before they finally turned it on, you claim it’s solar power but solar doesn’t run in the night time. How can people afford these outrageous bills?

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    Eduardo F. Guerrero C. September 11, 2023 at 9:39 am

    Good evening !

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