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December 2, 2023

Las Vegas News. Formula One officially zoomed into Las Vegas with its opening ceremony Wednesday night, police released video of two persons of interest they are seeking in connection with the beating death of a student, a homeless man was fatally stabbed north of downtown Las Vegas on Wednesday and more on 7@7 from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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  1. The notorious kidnapping pedophile gang was also notorious for hacking your phone.

  2. In Las Vegas they take control of your phone to try and make you do what they want.

  3. That's great that downtown Vegas is leading the nation with foot traffic after the pandemic. You know what else Nevada is leading the nation with the highest Unemployment rate at 5.7%. I never hear about all of the job opportunities in high tech or medical or financial companies there to improve the salaries and economy. I am excited about the Marriott hotels opening in 2025. I hope all of the job opportunities there decrease unemployment so you can report on meaningful metrics about Vegas.

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    @anthonymartinez4307 December 2, 2023 at 5:50 pm

    Office space going as a trend🤥 you have cones blocking those streets and homeless everywhere.

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    @anthonymartinez4307 December 2, 2023 at 5:50 pm

    An apology is not a form to excuse an illegal takeover. City limits are not supposed to be blocked under any circumstances. This is being used to slowly squeeze small businesses so that mgm can take over properties around the area. What a communist city extorting and abusing power to waste tax payer money. Isn’t the city officials responsible to withhold law not brake it? This is an illegal takeover. Looks like chasing horses case is flawed by bad law practices, they are now changing allegations. This was a trade off by the mother why isn’t she being charge for child endangerment? Their religious beliefs are being violated ~ she never said no means there’s no Rape case trading also violates why the city would not charge the mom? This case is obviously flawed in many ways. Why was the jury given instructions but they never really charged him directly? Seems like they are back paddling, and it’s strange that only Horse is being charged and these news anchors have all pointed the finger and helped spread false allegations and slandering of character but ignoring the fact the mother committed a serious crime ( trading her child for sex) so why hasn’t any news anchor bring that since this case was brought up? Looks like the state of Nevada is violating religious beliefs and bias by pointing the finger at one but ignoring the other. If such trade off didn’t happen or if such trade off happened why hasn’t the mother been charged? This is a big screw up. Double standards all the way around Nevada 🤦🏻

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    @eduardof.guerreroc.7968 December 2, 2023 at 5:50 pm

    Good morning !

  7. 4:55 Do the hotels have names yet?

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