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September 9, 2023

A man pleaded guilty to killing his roommate, whose partially dismembered body was found nearly two years ago in a recycling bin, opening night is set for the Strip offshoot of a famed New York City steakhouse, another woman has accused Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter of rape in a lawsuit and more on 7@7 from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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  1. These people think F1 is going to generate all this money in a place that has bed bugs? Nobody is that dumb to spend money on trying to watch a dumb race. You have hyped this ridiculous idea with false information, 7, million sure went way higher 400 million and counting. Blocking everyone in and out isn’t a bright idea. F1 is the only beneficiary here so looking at the economy with double the bills from last year I really doubt anyone is going to burn the money they don’t have to watch cars go in circles. This by far is the dumbest idea Las Vegas got it self into.

  2. Dinah is just a dog she doesn’t take anything serious. People and their failed attempts to consider dogs like an actual human being is deliberately dishonest and delusional. They are pets with ability to detect what you train them for ( it’s a game to them) just like when you used dogs for war I’m pretty sure they also thought it was a game then.

  3. “F1 is not a spectator sport”? Better not tell the thousands of people who are supposedly coming to watch it. Tear down all those seating areas too. Geez Clark County, what the heck were you thinking?

  4. The notorious kidnapping pedophile gang takes ppl children and then try to make you do anything they say or else you will never see you children again and they use senior citizens apartments complex as an headquarters.

  5. F1 is a spectator sport.

  6. LVRJ news has approved 100% since you got rid of you-know-who! Keep up the good work

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    Eduardo F. Guerrero C. September 9, 2023 at 5:27 pm

    Good morning !

  8. Wow one hundred thousand students in Clark County I wonder 20 years from now will there be one hundred thousand jobs for them after graduation?

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