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April 17, 2023

This amazing file by Simp4Sims removes lag and took my game from using 70% of my computer’s CPU to 26%! Increases HD AND performance!

It is a total overhaul to the graphics of the game without sacrificing game performance, in fact, it actually BOOSTS performance!

Download the file here:

Check out Simp4Sims video here:

Connect with Simp4Sims on Twitter:


Or you can search for the hashtags: #fantasims, or #simsperation84 to find me in the gallery 🙂

👉Connect with me on Twitter too:

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  1. WHAT THE FIDDLESTICKS! I installed the fix….. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SIMS!!!! It now plays perfectly in build mode, does this file contain the souls of puppies to work? Seriously, thank you so much.

  2. I don't understand how people with laptops have good fps with good graphics but I have a fucking gaming desktop and I can't get good fps!!!!

  3. You should have a disclaimer. Moving files from your documents to another drive, may make things slower. My OS runs on SSD, my other drive is HDD. HDD runs slower than SSD. Therefore my game ran slower. Actually barely wanted to start.
    Do not move your game folder to a slower drive.

  4. Seems to have helped.
    Many thanks.

  5. I will try it. My games runs between 2 and 20 fps.

  6. When I first downloaded this, it was great. but after I exited game, it wouldn't load next time until i ran EA repair. and today, repair has been running all afternoon and still won't load

  7. i wish this worked for me it made it worst

  8. Thanks so much for this. I've never modded any of my sims games, too scared. So thanks for the reassuring video and the great link. My game is amazingly better now

  9. ^^ Cute Computer

  10. My laptop is 12 years old, but it's a gaming laptop. A acer, but the smoothness you experienced in the last part with the file, that's how my game is running at the moment without the files and on the lowest settings, all expansion packs and around 900 cc. I have yet to test the game with this file because I just learned about it. So I hope I can play Sims with better graphic with the file installed.

    Edit: I am pleasantly surprised it works wonderfully.

  11. Wow, I wasn't expecting it to work but it did! My game is definitely smoother. Thank you!

  12. Thank you. It helped

  13. Oh my God thank you, you’ve saved my gameplay!!! 🥰

  14. it doesnt exist o…o

  15. what app are you using to display your memory,temp and cpu? it looks really cool

  16. :,( tempted to try this because I don't have lag issues this bad, but I have a pretty decent gaming pc and on large 64×64 lots with all that felixandre cc it just lags to hell and I thought there was no way of fixing this.

    However, I've also tinkered with my gamerules before to fix some things and I honestly can't remember what they were lol;;;

  17. >not a potato pc >graphics card with 2 GB

  18. as someone with a beefy as hell computer and im here looking for something that says something about the current state of the game still better then the sims 3 but still

  19. It works for me like magic 😀 ty

  20. I’m 8 months late but wow this really works! Just a few minutes ago my sims game was so laggy that I couldn’t pass the loading screen but after I got this it’s been pretty good so far! No lag whatsoever and I did have to restart my computer like three times due to problems with origin but I got it fixed and it’s been so far so good! It’s really good! Lag free!

  21. it didnt work. i dont understand why 🙁

  22. pls help, my game folder doesn't have configoverride folder

  23. and it runs better with reshade now i was happy asl

  24. Im shocked lol, I didnt expect it to work since my issue was rooted from a ton of mods and CC lowering my framerate really badly, and now that Ive installed the latest version of this file it runs smooth just like you said! again Im really shocked that the fix was so simple, and after reading some of the comments I was preparing for a crash lol and i thought id mention that for me when i zoom out i can still see the shadows! Im not sure if thats part of the newer version or something but I am just so impressed, thanks! 😀

  25. I'll give it a gooo yay I might need to do a well whip hopefully not if I'm using this Hopefully no lagging

  26. This made my loading screen take longer and i still got bad lag on some lots. Ugh how did it make it worse.

  27. I'm on a gtx 1060 6gb and even for me it became really laggy… lets see how this thing will help xD

  28. Reply
    Patton The Apple Gamer April 17, 2023 at 2:15 am

    I still use this file. I tried playing without it and I was getting 18-21 fps on my iMac 27 2020 the best one you can buy! With this mod 70-86 fps average it’s amazing it made my sims playable again

  29. It certainly helped my FPS issues . Many thanks for making me aware of this .

  30. Ugh… This was unwatchable… made me sick by all the constant moving back and forth. So unnecessary to do it the whole video. We get it. It's not smooth.

  31. I was just looking for a mod for SIMS 3 and somehow stumbled here. I'll test this magic myself, God knows how sims 4 could use some boost.

  32. Heya, I'd use this along with K-Hippie's texture mods (Overhauls the world/nature + some build mode stuff like the ceiling) I've got the ambient occlusion + DoF version, and the updated mod No Blur in Distance by MizoreYukii on patreon.
    Ambient Occlusion adds in this darkish/shadow effect to edges, usually to add depth in games. I really don't play any game without Ambient Occlusion. Anyway, hope this helps others trying to get TS4 looking modern, I have no idea why they made TS4 for old computers, when they require you to spend hundreds on packs to make the game somewhat interesting…

  33. When I selected the household I wanna play with loading screen kept loading forever
    Actually it’s still loading !!!

  34. Do u think this will help freezing and crashing on my windows 10 game?

  35. "the animals are pretty crisp" i almost spit out my rice

  36. This last update was the absolute worst for my computer, I thought it was just me!! Ooooh, I'm so excited to try this!! Edit: IT'S SO GOOD OH MY GOD!!!!

  37. I tried downloading this file about 2 days ago, I was so excited to try it bc everyone was saying it’s amazing and helped a lot so I just had to try it out for myself. But just moments after I loaded up my save (cottage living 50×40 lot) my whole mac just crashed lol. I tried to freecam the view of the world/landscape and suddenly my pc was restarting. My game has always been… just not the best experience lol. It lags when I zoom out on big/very cluttered lots, or when there are a lot of sims on the lot. But I’ve always thought it was bc I have A LOT of cc and mods. Honestly I’m lucky I’m even able to play (and at pretty high graphic settings even) at this point. And that crash just scared me : I took it out immediately. But maybe I’ll try again with the mac file that simp4sims posted. On their patreon post, it said that we shouldn’t download the file if our pc struggles to run the game, but also that it should work for low end to high end machines. I’d like to think that my mac doesn’t exactly struggle to run it? I mean yeah it takes hours to open the game but it’s not that bad when I actually play. I just don’t know what to do, I was really hoping the file could help with my experience. Sorry for the long comment!

  38. I'm assuming this works better for people with a CPU that has trouble handling TS4, compared to their GPU handling graphics?

  39. I thank you, and my potato computer thanks you! 💜

  40. Reply
    The Simmer Sisters April 17, 2023 at 2:15 am

    Omg this is amazing, I'm gonna download tomorrow. Just one question, where can I find the cpu and gigabytes the mac is using?? I'd like to compare before and after and I have a macbook so I asume it'll be similar to yours. Thank you so much for this video!!

  41. This is amazing, I think I might install it. Thank you for sharing. I'd also like to say I'm obsessed with all of your builds you had in the video to showcase the file. I hope you're able to finish some of them with this 'cause I would love to have them in my game. I really love to deconstruct what you build. It''s very inspirational!

  42. I think you found a fix I can use! My game has been so laggy when I try to build since the last update.. thank you so much for doing this video!

  43. I've been struggling with build mode crashing for days now, and somehow this mod fixed it!

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