Kylie Kelce says Jason Kelce was looking for a table to go through 😂 (via @gma/TT) #shorts 2022

February 2, 2024

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  1. Jason’s a lucky guy

  2. Kylie is the BEST❤

  3. Looks like Jason got a much better girl than Travis.


  5. Look at that man’s physique! Jason Kelce should be the real standard for Mister Olympia!
    U think the ancient Babylonian warriors looked like Shanon Sharpe!!?
    No way! They had a layer of protection for cold weather and to make enemies carry their weight!! 💪

  6. Bills ??????

  7. hes what bert kreischer wants fo be

  8. She could have a fabulous career in PR

  9. Imagine being nothing nothing but a wife of a famous athlete accomplished nothing in their lives now for some stupid reason we have to hear from this broad. Why do
    Woman always think my husband made it now I’m going to ride his coat tails

  10. He wanted to have fun and i couldn't say no

  11. I envy them. My wife of 11 years, just cuts me down everyday and tells me I’m crap.

  12. Reply
    @charleskavoukjian3441 February 2, 2024 at 2:34 pm

    Jason never lost his inner child 😂

  13. Jason is the man.

  14. Hopefully one day i can find a woman like this

  15. We love Kylie
    We hate Taylor

  16. Imagine being on the news because you married a guy that does useless things people care about

  17. Sweet wife has a great way of saying, he was Blotto! 🤣🤣

  18. Amazing wife… sweet heart..

  19. For someone who claims to not like the spotlight, we sure see a lot of her on camera talking and even pushing her little side charities.

  20. Wait. He’s married? I thought he was dating the Taylor Swift chick?

  21. Y’all’s family is rad! Thank you to both of you for being real folks!

  22. I really love her she’s truly the best

  23. ❤

  24. the fact that no one offered that man a table to go through, its a crime against humanity

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