King Charles's Coronation – News Review 2022

June 10, 2023

Charles III has been crowned King of the UK and the Commonwealth of Nations in a coronation ceremony. Learn more about this story.

The story:
Charles III has been crowned King of the UK and the Commonwealth of Nations in a coronation ceremony. Members of the Royal Family and senior politicians from around the world attended. Various events took place over the weekend, including a special concert and street parties. But not everyone has been celebrating. Police controversially arrested anti-monarchy protesters on the day.

[Images: Richard Pohle, Kirsty Wigglesworth, Yui Mok and Aaron Chown via Getty]

Key words and phrases:
🔎 touching – emotional
– This book is really touching. It’s based on soldiers’ stories from the First World War.
– I found my friend’s speech at graduation really touching.

🔎 wingman – a supportive person
– My grandad was a wingman in the Red Arrows. He supported all the other pilots in the air.
– Will you come on a double date with me? I need a wingman.

🔎 bolts – moves quickly
– She bolted down the stairs when she realised how late she was.
– I bolted to the supermarket but I was too late. It had just closed.

Download the audio and pdf document 👉

✔️ 0:00 – Introduction
✔️ 0:23 – Story
✔️ 1:24 – Headline 1: The Coronation review – immaculately rehearsed, touching and Shakespearean – The Guardian
✔️ 2:45 – Headline 2: Coronation concert: I’ll be your wingman, Tom Cruise tells King Charles – as it happened – The Times
✔️ 4:19 – Headline 3: Prince Harry Shunned From Buckingham Palace Balcony – And Soon Bolts For Airport – Forbes
✔️ 5:40 – Language summary

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  1. You have plenty of time to enjoy this meal so you don’t have to bolt down the food .

  2. I wish my son would have a wingman in his life.

  3. Reply
    Samantha Ferreira June 10, 2023 at 2:33 am

    Thank you so much for this video ❤❤❤

  4. Reply
    Rustambek Xoliqov June 10, 2023 at 2:33 am

    This is channel I really like 👍

  5. Please tell me Why " King Charles's Coronation" instead of " King Charles' Coronation"?

  6. Thank you a lot

  7. Very useful and helpful

  8. Make a bolt for, bolt to or bolt for are all the same, right?

  9. If you come to this party, I will be a wingman for you.

  10. Thank you again dear BBC staffs❤

  11. I was not sure to attend my old friend's engagement invitation so why I bolt to ceremony at last min. Seeing him again that was touching after a long time

  12. Wingman is used only for man who is supportive or for both man or woman

  13. Thank you very much!

  14. Wives are not only soulmates of male partners in family lives, but also their wingmans in their own businesses. So whenever wives lovingly ask for salaries, men need to bolt to their wallets unhesitantly. This is always a touching act of men for the women they love.

  15. News review. Yeah, got it! So, tell it to me like I'm a six-year-old. 😊

  16. The suprise party that my friends made for me through difficulties was very touching for me.

  17. I read really touching book

  18. Reply
    Rosana de Azevedo June 10, 2023 at 2:33 am

    thank you very much. I'm a Brazilian citizen from Sao Paulo, I found this channel by chance and I loved it. Sorry if there are mistakes in my writing, I'm learning English.

  19. congrats my British friends

  20. Hello, I wanted to suggest that you spell out the words or phrases that are being analyzed, since those of us who listen to postcats sometimes do not know that word or phrase, and since we are only listening, we cannot read it. A long time ago (when they were Finn an Cathrine for example,) they spelled them out loud. I look forward to hearing in future editions of News Review. congratulations for the program😊

  21. wonderful

  22. Could you explain what AS IT HAPPEN mean?

  23. May i know why no subtitles, thanks

  24. Why King Charles's not Charles' ?

  25. In Australia they use 'to bolt' in a funny way
    " to do Harold Holt"

  26. Reply
    Ченж Феандров June 10, 2023 at 2:33 am

    You are my wingman and wingwoman in my jorney of learning English!

  27. Bbc english now

  28. Reply
    Πετρος Νικου June 10, 2023 at 2:33 am

    Touching wingman bolt

  29. Lol

  30. I was so hungry that I extremely bolted cold tohu with wasabi.

  31. Thank you very much beth neil l understand 100percant ❤love from lndia❤

  32. Reply
    Upgrade Your LEGO Star Wars Clone Troopers June 10, 2023 at 2:33 am

    The last scene in The Mandalorian Season 2 finale was touching. The Mandalorian took off his helmet because Grogu was leaving was very touching.

  33. My wingman and I bolted to a touching wedding because we were late!

  34. Dear friends, Harry can't bear more criticism. media looks as if Harry must divorce Megan. Stop harassment. He has not killed somebody.

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